There is such a group of people,
The dead and the living are set up with the monument together;
There are six old men like this,
Not only "buried" himself into the desert,
He also made a vow of his father's death.
There are three generations like this,
Son inherited his father ’s will, passed down from generation to generation,
Shoude desert becomes an oasis.

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Gulang County, Gansu Province awarded by the Central Propaganda Department
Three generations of "six old men" in the Babusha Forest Farm reclaimed sand
The title of "model of the times" for advanced groups

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 29th. The Central Propaganda Department released the touching deeds of the three generations of "six old men" in the "Four Old Man" Babusha Forest Farm, Gulang County, Gansu Province, to the whole society on the 29th, to give them the title of "model of the era".

The Babu Shalin site is located in Gulang County, Gansu Province, at the eastern end of the Hexi Corridor and on the southern edge of the Tengger Desert. In the past, wind and sand raged here, eroding surrounding villages and farmland, seriously affecting the people's production and life. In order to protect their homeland, in the early 1980s, Guo Chaoming, He Falin, Shi Man, Luo Yuankui, Cheng Hai, and Zhang Runyuan went forward with eight steps of sand without any hesitation. They set up a collective forest farm in the form of joint production contracting and contracted 75,000 mu of quicksand.

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