Forest grass net group user's guidance
Forestry and Prairie Directory

As of the end of 2017, there were 41,285 units in the forestry system.

Administrative agency

Forestry and grassland management institutions, including 40 provincial bureaus (including five forest industry groups and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps), 334 prefecture-level bureaus, and 2851 county-level bureaus. For details, see: Directory of Management Agencies .

2. Forestry enterprises

The China Forestry Enterprise Directory has been approved for construction and application is welcome. Submissions are welcome and will be included for free after review. Please click: Directory of Forestry Enterprises .

3. Forest Park

A total of 3505 forest parks have been established nationwide, including 881 national forest parks. 。 For details, see: National Forest Park Directory .

4. Wetland Park

A total of 1699 wetland parks have been established nationwide, including 898 national wetland parks. 。 For details, please refer to: National Directory of Wetland Parks .

5. Internationally important wetlands

A total of 49 internationally important wetlands have been established nationwide (end of 2017), and the number has now increased to 57. 。 For more details, please refer to: International List of Important Wetlands .

6. Nature Reserve

A total of 2750 nature reserves have been established nationwide, of which 463 are national nature reserves. 。 For details, please refer to: List of National Nature Reserves .

7. National Park

A total of 10 pilot national parks have been established nationwide. 。 See: National Park Directory for details.