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Self-media promotion is simple and convenient, and the cost is low, but the attention is not high. Challenge: How to improve the communication effect of the unit's official title?

Question : I have read too little from media articles. In addition to the hotspot number and chicken soup number, the unit's official account (such as WeChat public account), an article is often read dozens of times, good hundreds of times, able to maintain more than 2,000 times, must have hired a top master, very few Some units can exceed 3,000 times.

Solution : Include key report targets, make full use of industry media resources, and improve the effectiveness of self-media propaganda.

Small goal : "3000+". Even if ordinary employees operate and maintain the media, the number of reading of a single article can exceed 3,000.

How it works: An article spreads everywhere. For example, the report on Dragon Boat Race was published simultaneously on multiple websites.

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