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In 21 years, more than 5,000 forest workers broke their cocoons and became butterflies

Media: Shaanxi Daily Author: Xiao Yang Zhao Yang Bo
2019/12/31 10:37:55 Professional number: Sun Moon Gorge Information 2019/12/31 10:37:55

21 years ago, almost overnight, more than 5,000 forest workers in the Shaanxi Provincial Forest Resources Management System, all over Qinling, responded to the state's call for natural forest protection projects, from the snow-capped mountains to the deep forests. Go out, throw away the axe, pick up the hoe, change from a lumberjack to a forest guardian, and carry the banner of restoring and protecting the Qinling ecological space and developing a new forestry industry.

In 21 years, their efforts and efforts have been richly rewarded—the forests and seas of the Three Qin Lands are undulating and heavily clothed in green. The Qinling forest has been systematically restored, the quality of the forest has been greatly improved, the volume of living standing trees has reached 47.47 million cubic meters, and the forest coverage rate has reached more than 96%; on the ecological map of Shaanxi, "the armor of the Qin figurine in a kneeling posture" has changed from earthy yellow For emerald, pale green.

In 1953, the Shaanxi Provincial Forest Industry Administration (now the Shaanxi Provincial Forest Resources Administration) was established, with the jurisdiction of six state-owned forestry bureaus: Ningxi, Taibai, Ningdong, Longcao, Hanxi and Changqing. For decades, the forest workers in Shaanxi and New China have gone through both storms and hardships. They have stepped on the ice and snow, pulled their shoulders, and fought fiercely to create brilliant results.

However, in 1998, with the implementation of the National Natural Forest Protection Project, where is the road to development after the closure of sawing and cutting? The former logging expert was once depressed and confused. Wang Tao, director of the Shaanxi Forest Musk Breeding Base, recalled emotionally: "At that time, more than 5,000 forest workers were facing the problem of transformation and development. 2000 was our most difficult time, when per capita income was less than half of the provincial per capita income."

The road to green development is easier said than done. After painstakingly determined, the forest workers in Shaanxi embarked on a green development road of "breaking cocoons and turning butterflies"-relying on the beautiful ecological environment and rich natural resources in the forest area, the Forest Resources Administration of Shaanxi Province has implemented five major ecological projects and development Four rich people industries, construction of six industrial bases, launch of six major livelihood projects, promotion of ecological construction and industrial development of the whole system, and a path for the development of forestry industry ecologicalization and ecological construction industrialization have been achieved. Increase employees' income, stabilize front-line teams, and promote natural security projects.

From establishing a foothold in the forest area to going abroad, the six forest areas of the Shaanxi Provincial Forest Resources Administration continue to develop ecological industries such as planting, breeding, and ecotourism. The Bureau has implemented a series of activities such as "industry development year", "brand building year", "quality improvement year", and "reform and development year" by implementing awards for industrial projects, and has successively established alpine vegetables, edible fungi, and Chinese bee. The unique industrial bases of aquaculture, musk deer breeding, giant salamander breeding, and understory planting and breeding have formed a "one bureau, one product, one strategy, one station, one industry" development pattern. By 2016, the industry output value and employee income will be doubled in advance. Set goals.

After 21 years of unremitting efforts, Shaanxi Provincial Forest Resources Management Bureau has three national forest (wetland) parks in Tianhua Mountain, Taibai Qingfeng Gorge, and Onion Beach in Hanxi, Ningdong Provincial Forest Park and Dragon Lawn Panda Valley, Taibai Huangbaijing Scenic Area spans 8 counties (districts) in 4 cities of Xi'an, Ankang, Baoji, and Hanzhong. These forest parks are like bright pearls, embedded in the depths of the forest.

The towering Qinling Mountains, towering and dangerous, with mountains and mountains, beautiful scenery. This is the "crystallization" of the forest workers in Shaanxi who have been silently guarding for decades and witnessed the miracle of their green development. Today, among the six major industrial bases, production and sales of edible fungi and bacteria are booming. Alpine fruits and vegetables are moving to order production. Flowers are being sold nationwide through online sales. China Bee Farming has enriched its staff. The province ’s forest musk breeding bases are located in the forest area. Forest rehabilitation bases such as Yangba in the east, Chaoyanggou in Ningxi, and Taibai Alpine Botanical Garden are already under construction.

Green and beautiful mountains and rivers. In the past 21 years, forest workers in Shaanxi have completed a total of 440,000 acres of artificial forestation, 4.48 million acres of closed forests, and 2.52 million acres of forests. At present, more than 7 million mu of forest in the Qinling Forest Area under its jurisdiction is the core area of the Qinling Nature Reserve. More than 80% of the Qinling National Panda Park is in the former forestry area.

Green water and green mountains are Jinshan and Yinshan. While promoting the transformation of Qinling from light green to dark green and from green to the United States, Shaanxi forest workers also achieved a gorgeous turn of transformation and development. It is reported that as of the end of 2018, the Shaanxi Provincial Forest Resources Administration had achieved a total forest value of 950 million yuan, and the annual per capita income of employees was close to the provincial average social wage. On November 19 this year, the Shaanxi Provincial Forest Resources Administration won the fourth "Outstanding Contribution Award of China's Forestry Industry" awarded by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration and the National Committee of the China Agriculture, Forestry, Water Conservancy and Meteorological Union. (Reporter Xiao Yang Zhao Yangbo)

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