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OCT Wetland Popular Science Essay | Liang Zhuzhong's embodiment of love

Media: Original Author: OCT wetlands
2019/12/28 18:04:59 Professional number: OCT Wetland 2019/12/28 18:04:59

Readers go to the deserted land,

Every year spring breeze Nagano,

The peach blossoms on the mountain are like fire,

A pair of butterflies flew again.

Legend has it that Liang Zhu turned into a jade-banded swallowtail butterfly. However, there are many kinds of butterflies transformed by Liang Zhu in various places, and the jade band swallowtail butterfly is just one possibility.

Papilio japonica loves to stay on colorful flowers, especially lantana, dragon boat flowers, jasmine and other plants. The host plants are mostly Magnoliaceae and Rutaaceae.

Jade belt swallowtail male

The adult body of the jade band swallowtail butterfly is 25-28mm long and has a wingspan of 77-95mm. All black. The head is large, the compound eyes are dark brown, the antennae are rod-shaped, and there are 10 small white spots on the back of the chest in 2 columns.

How to distinguish the male and female of the jade band swallowtail butterfly ?

Male butterflies have only one form. It is mainly black with tail processes. There is a row of white spots on the outer edge of the front wing arranged from large to small apex. There are 7 horizontal white spots in the middle area of the hind wing. similar. Crossing the whole wings like a jade belt, it got its name.

Pictures from Baidu Encyclopedia

Female butterflies have multiple patterns, and red crescent stripes on their hind wings are generally well developed.

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