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Notice on the selection of "2019 Top Ten Local Forest (Grass) Industry News"

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2019/3/22 11:54:26 Professional number: follow the forest network 2019/3/22 11:54:26

Dear Information Officer:

In order to implement the spirit of the National Forestry and Grassland Work Conference, do a good job of news and publicity to serve the forestry and grassland modernization in the new era, and pay attention to the Forest Network will launch the "2019 Top Ten Local Forest (Grass) Industry News" online voting activity.

I. Activity time: throughout the year.

2. Activity method: The “Top Ten Local Forestry (Grass) Industry Top Ten News” will be selected quarterly. At the end of the year, the “Top Ten Local Forestry (Grass) Industry Top Ten News” will be selected on the basis of the top ten quarterly.

3. Activity process:

1. Provincial informants recommend the three best news published by the unit or the forest (grass) industry unit of the province on the website concerned with forests. The columns are not limited. The forest (grass) industry units in this province refer to governments, enterprises and institutions that are registered with the China Forest Network and have obtained the authority of senior members.

2. The voting page will be posted on the website and the “Forestry Propaganda” WeChat public account, asking each unit to organize employees to actively participate in voting.

3. The "Top Ten Local Forest (Grass) Industry News" selected by quarterly voting will be displayed on the "Top Ten Local Forest (Grass) Industry News" page.

4. Activity requirements:

1. Each provincial forest (grass) department in charge can only recommend three news each quarter. If there is more, the first three articles will be screened according to the chronological order of news received in the designated mailbox; if not enough, Follow the Forest Network will be completed through self-recommendation and expert evaluation by the forest (grass) industry unit. Up to one news item from each province is selected as the top ten. For example, if there are multiple news items from a certain province, the top ten will be selected.

2. The informant must send the news title of the recommended news and the link to the news on the Forest Network to the designated mailbox, and the title of the mail must indicate "Recommendation of" Top Ten Local Forest (Grass) Industry News "in XX Province of the month".

V. Recommendation and voting time:

In April, July, November, and January 1 to 10 of the following year, we recommend three news items that were published on the following website in the last quarter. Vote on the 15th to 25th. In February, the last year's "Top Ten Local Forest (Grass) Industry News" online voting was held.

Recommended email address:

Contact: Zhang Ye

Follow the Forest Network

March 22, 2019

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