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Difficulties and Countermeasures of the Camellia Tea Industry

Media: Original Author: Yunshan tea
2019/12/25 18:05:44 Professional number: Yunshan Camellia 2019/12/25 18:05:44

Difficulties and Countermeasures of the Camellia Tea Industry

( December 25 , 2019 )

Yunshan Camellia

The camellia industry in our province has entered the fast track of development since 2005, and has entered a peak period of development around 2014. The main characteristics of this period are: the rapid expansion of the province's camellia planting scale, the shortage of seedlings from excess to excess, and the growing enterprises Processing enterprises have increased rapidly, farmers' enthusiasm for planting has been unprecedentedly high, policy support has been unprecedented and enthusiastic, the market price of camellia products has risen sharply year by year, and the sense of gain and market expectations of camellia producers are good. Although there were some problems during the development of the camellia industry during this period (the author has analyzed it in previous articles), it laid a foundation for the healthy and sustainable development of the camellia industry in Jiangxi in the future, and further established and consolidated Jiangxi's status as the main camellia production area in the country. A solid foundation. After 2015, the province's camellia tea industry has begun to move from a peak to a downward trend, mainly because the old problems have not been effectively resolved, and the new problems have not attracted enough attention. In addition, the impact of the downward pressure on the national economy has increased, and the entire tea camellia industry is facing difficulties. Increasingly prominent. The dilemma is mainly manifested in:

First, the problem of difficult financing and expensive financing has not been solved, which has caused many oil tea companies to struggle. At present, the financing channels are nothing more than bank loans, friends borrowing, equity investment and so on. Bank lending requires efficiency, risk prevention, and procedures. It is not easy to obtain a loan from a bank. First, the mortgage is difficult to solve. Finding a guarantee or borrowing from a friend is even harder. Equity financing requires both its own conditions and external factors, and it is not easy to facilitate. Policy funding support is also much worse than before. The enterprise needs to run, manage, and manage the operation every day. It requires money and costs. If you ca n’t find the money, the planting companies will either sit and watch the tea forests become wasteful or sell others for cheap. The processing companies are the same. Originally, the province ’s processing capacity of camellia was severely in surplus, and most of them were in a state of production stoppage and semi-stoppage. Capital is the blood of an enterprise, and the survival and development of an enterprise without capital are a problem, especially the large investment, long cycle, slow effect and high risk of the camellia planting industry. Just as the drought this year has hit unprecedentedly the camellia planting industry. If financing is difficult and the policy support is weakened, the development prospects of the camellia industry will be worrying.

2. Increasing costs Corporate losses have caused Camellia tea companies to move forward with difficulties. In the operation and management process of camellia tea enterprises, the cost is mainly labor costs. The entire process of weeding, fertilization, pruning, picking, drying, and seed picking all rely on labor. Most of the processes are mechanically irreplaceable. Although most of the employed labor teams are female workers, and most of them are around 60 years old, and some are even over 65 years old, the daily wage is not low. Taking the past three years as an example: every 2017 picking workers (women) The eight-hour daily wage is 85 yuan, 110 yuan in 2018, and 115 yuan in 2019. Moreover, even those people with high wages are valuable to the camellia companies and a helpless choice, because the male laborers like this ca n’t do it (not more than 150 yuan for eight hours) , Young people are going to work to earn a high income and will not do it. In the future, it will be difficult for people to ask for high prices for the camellia industry to be an irreversible normal and trend. In addition to this, unlike other industries, the camellia tea industry, as a part of large agriculture, is greatly affected by natural disasters, which is commonly referred to as "feeding by the heavens" and "people need to help the heavens when they work hard." This year's example is very typical. Because of the long-term large-scale drought, the output of Camellia oleifera seeds in the province's Camellia oleifera cultivation areas is mostly less than 50% of last year, and some even less than 30%. To overcome possible natural disasters, comprehensive measures must be taken to increase investment, and rising costs are inevitable. Like many companies, the operating costs of the company are multifaceted and happen every day, but the income depends on the sales of camellia seeds once a year. It is like a water tank with only one water inlet and many water outlets. Therefore, input and output are not proportional, income and expenditure are difficult to balance, and the company is always in a state of loss.

3. The weak market and insufficient consumption power have caused the Camellia tea industry to lose its sustainable development potential. Whether an industry or a product has a strong vitality, it is not the production and sales, but the market and demand that determine the role. On the other hand, with the vast market and strong consumer demand, problems in the front and middle links of the chain will be solved. . What is lacking in the camellia industry at this stage is the serious shortage of market and demand. There are many reasons for this. The market needs to be expanded through effective publicity so that consumers can understand and accept more. Publicity requires the joint efforts of the government, society, enterprises and individuals. The capacity of the government and social organizations is huge and irreplaceable. In this regard, it is not enough to take the initiative and cooperate. As a high-end consumer product, tea oil must not only base itself on the domestic market, but also expand the international market, and expand to regions, countries, and people with spending power. In this regard, we have not done enough. In fact, in terms of quality and relevance to human health, health, and beauty, tea oil is undoubtedly the best among the world's four major woody edible oils. However, in terms of publicity and public awareness, tea oil is not as good as olive oil. In China, many people still mistakenly equate camellia with tea. High-end consumers eat more olive oil than tea oil. It is awkward and even sad.

Camellia oleifera is a unique and precious treasure given to China by nature. It has a bearing on national economy and people's livelihood. Whether it is ecological, social, economic, or political, it is a great cause worth pursuing. We should treasure it and truly form a government, enterprise, and society. The strong synergy of individual and individual efforts to make the camellia industry into a Chinese brand, and then become a unique and veritable world brand. The most important things are:

First, revitalize the confidence of industrial development. First of all, local party committees and governments at all levels, especially those in key camellia production areas, should put the camellia industry on an important agenda, coordinate with other industries and coordinate their planning, and give sufficient space on the propaganda carrier and give sufficient quota on supporting policies. Give sufficient effort to optimize the environment. On September 17 this year, the information transmitted by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection of 10,000 acres of camellia in Guangshan County, Henan Province is worthy of our serious understanding. We should turn General Secretary Xi ’s concern and hope for the camellia industry into the promotion of the great development of the camellia industry Actual action. Secondly, relevant social organizations should work effectively. At present, the associations related to camellia have long existed, and new names and names are still appearing. Do not be lively and vigorous when the listing is established. Soon afterwards, it will gradually become silent, inactive, and gradually lose vitality and vitality. It is necessary to earnestly rumor and solve problems for the majority of members, and truly become the "mother" of the camellia enterprises. Third, the majority of Camellia tea companies should adhere to their own self-reliance, practice their internal skills, and face difficulties. Enterprises should take the initiative to act, not to blame others, or to stand still; no matter how the situation changes, always adhere to the same direction, keep their original intentions, and struggle. Gan is a promoter and silent farmer of the sustainable development of the camellia industry.

Second, explore the development path. Predicament is not terrible. What is terrible is lack of confidence and direction. We must firmly believe that "there is no way to re-examine the mountains and the water, there will be a village in the dark, and there will be a road before the car." The difficulties and pain points faced by camellia companies have both a common side and a special side. It should integrate the characteristics, conditions and advantages of the enterprise, and combine the external environment, opportunities and possibilities, comprehensive research and judgment, scientific planning, and effective measures. Since last year, on the basis of full investigation and demonstration, we have proposed a new idea of multi-industry interactive and integrated development of "Yunshan Camellia Tea + Rural Tourism + Forest Recreation", which is to introduce the existing Camellia tea industry as a platform to introduce We will develop and develop rural tourism and forest rehabilitation, and realize the new situation and benefits of multi-industry interdependence, complementarity, mutual promotion, complement each other, and integrated development. At present, the company is moving forward step by step in accordance with this idea. We firmly believe that there is no wrong choice in the path, and dawn is in front of us. As long as we persist and persist, the dream will become a reality!

Third, focus on developing brand markets. Under the conditions of a market economy, it is reasonable to say that "you can't find the mayor to find the market." We should rely on the government but not blindly on the government. Brand creation and market expansion are the right choices for enterprises. Creating a brand first is the quality and quality of the product, which can withstand inspection at any time and any place, and can withstand consumer recognition. In November this year, the company's "Yunshan Love" camellia oil participated in the 11th China International Agricultural Products Fair in Nanchang. After the public vote, it was awarded "my favorite brand of agricultural products for agricultural reclamation." In one step, opening up the market, including domestic and international markets, to increase market share, and truly make the brand worthy of the name, there is still a lot of hard work to do. Brand creation and market expansion are eternal themes for companies.

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