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In the post-legacy era, Yancheng created a model of harmonious symbiosis between man and nature

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Cherish the legacy of the world heritage, take on the responsibility of the world heritage, and magnify the effect of the world heritage. Since the successful application of the Yellow Sea Wetland in Yancheng, the Yancheng Municipal Committee and Municipal Government have quickly planned and deployed the protection and management of the Yellow Sea Natural Heritage Site in the "post-request period". On December 9, the "Three-Year Plan of Action for the Protection and Management of the Yellow Sea Natural Heritage Sites in Yancheng (2019-2021)" was issued and implemented. This is a carefully drawn "road map" for the protection and management of natural heritage sites in Yancheng.

The "Three-Year Plan of Action" firmly establishes and implements the development concept of "green mountains and green mountains are the golden mountains and the silver mountains", proactively integrates into the global ecosystem governance, and protects the world heritage gold signboard with high standards in accordance with international standards, world vision, and scientific spirit. Well, build well, promote the transformation of the advantages of the world heritage into ecological advantages, competitive advantages, and make Yancheng a model of human settlement in harmony with nature.

"Three Steps" Polished Gold Signboard

By 2021, Yancheng Yellow Sea Wetland Heritage will be fully protected, management monitoring, research, and capacity building systems will be preliminarily formed. Public education in the heritage sites will generally be carried out. Yancheng's pivotal role in the migratory bird migration route in East Asia-Australia is obvious. Huang (Bo The International Wetland Conference has become an internationally recognized platform for exchanges and cooperation in wetland heritage.

The city alliance of migratory birds and flight routes with Yancheng as the core was established, the cooperation framework of the eco-economic circle around the Yellow Sea was initially formed, and an international wetland city was successfully created. The eco-tourism infrastructure conditions and public service guarantee capacity of the heritage sites have been effectively improved. A number of Yancheng World Heritage boutique routes and the unified brand of the Yancheng Yellow Sea Wetland Heritage have basically formed. The popularity of heritage tourism has continued to increase, and the number of annual tourists has continued to increase, creating a global eco-tourism purpose. To make significant progress.

By 2025, the Yancheng Yellow Sea Wetland Heritage will be scientifically protected, lively inherited, and reasonably utilized. Excellent domestic and foreign scientific research institutions will be brought together. Professional elites will be gathered and ecological restoration will be highlighted. The level of protection and management will be at the forefront of the world.

The international influence of the City Alliance with the migratory bird migration route centered on Yancheng has emerged. The cooperation framework of the Eco-economic Circle around the Yellow Sea has become a platform for mutual trust between regions, and heritage exchange and cooperation have become the norm. The influence of the heritage site ecology and global eco-tourism destinations has been significantly enhanced. The overall protection of the Yancheng Yellow Sea Natural Heritage Site has been achieved. A modern display and experience system has been completed. The heritage value has been deeply excavated and passed on lively. The unified China Yellow (Bohai) Sea Migratory Bird Habitat World Heritage brand system is more complete, and social and economic benefits are organically unified.

Looking ahead to 2035, this habitat of Asia's largest expanses of tidal flats, radiant sandy ridges, millions of migratory birds, and various flora and fauna will be presented to the world in a brand-new manner. The shallow vision, crane dance and deer, migratory birds flying, and tourists like weaving "have become a reality.

China ’s Yellow (Bohai) Sea Migratory Bird Habitat World Heritage brand is well-known both at home and abroad. The cooperation model of the Yellow Sea Eco-economic Circle has become a model of interregional cooperation. The Yancheng Yellow Sea Natural Heritage Site has a high reputation and attractiveness in the Yellow Sea Ecological Zone and even globally.

"Government, Industry, Research, and Research" integration protects natural heritage

Established the Yancheng Heritage Protection Management Committee to co-ordinate the city's heritage protection work, to build the Yancheng Wetland and Heritage Management Office as the lead, the Yellow (Bo) Sea Wetland International Conference as the platform, and the Huang (Bo) Sea Wetland Research Institute as the support. The "political industry, academic research and research" organization guarantee system with sustainable development as its goal, effectively shoulders the historical mission of protecting world heritage, and protects this precious natural relic.

Gathering protection consensus. In accordance with the requirements of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and relevant international conventions, adhere to strict protection, inheritance from generation to generation, protect biodiversity, and maintain the health and stability of natural ecosystems. Strengthen law enforcement inspections. Strengthen environmental law enforcement supervision, carry out the "Green Shield" nature reserve special action, and resolutely investigate and punish illegal acts that damage the ecological environment of heritage sites. Give full play to the role of the Yellow Sea Wetland Environmental Resources Court, establish a cooperative mechanism for law enforcement in the protection of the Yellow Sea wetland, and investigate and punish illegal acts such as occupation and destruction of the Yellow Sea wetland in accordance with law. Strengthen red line control. Strictly control the approval of projects involving heritage sites, and control and prevent environmental pollution from the source. All relevant areas should scientifically delineate the wetland ecological red line to ensure that the function of the Yellow Sea wetland ecosystem is not degraded, the area is not reduced, and the nature is not changed. Strengthen planning and leadership. Organize the preparation of the Yellow Sea Wetland Protection Plan, clarify the area scope, target tasks, overall layout, protection focus, safeguard measures, protection investment and utilization methods of the Yellow Sea Wetland Protection.

Strengthen management and protection. Establish a Yellow Sea Wetland monitoring and management system supported by modern information technologies such as big data and the Internet, set up a professional management team for heritage sites, set heritage site protection landmarks, and improve the real-time monitoring capabilities of heritage sites. Carry out scientific research on wetland heritage. Promote the establishment of a national Yellow (Bohai) Sea Wetland Research Institute, deepen cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes such as Beijing Forestry University, Fudan University, and Gyeongbuk University, and carry out intensive research on wetland protection. Actively carry out ecological restoration. Drawing on relevant experience from the Hong Kong Mipu Nature Reserve, we will focus on the restoration and enhancement of wetland ecological functions, and take the two-year action plan for the Yellow Sea Wetland Protection and Restoration as the main line to refine the ecological restoration work. Vigorously implement greening and afforestation projects, and build ecological barrier forest barriers for sea walls.

Unify the external image identification of the heritage site, establish the Yancheng World Heritage Site portal site, and create the WeChat public account of the heritage site. The Yancheng Wetland Heritage Museum and the Urban Wetland Park will be built to promote conservation exhibitions, public education and ecotourism. Relevant regions have built special theme pavilions around rare birds, elk, spoon-billed salamanders, and the radiant sand ridges of the Yellow Sea. The content of Yancheng Wetland Heritage is reflected in literary and artistic works, popular science reading materials, local school-based curriculum materials for primary and secondary schools, travel guides and professional reference books to further expand the brand awareness and reputation of Yancheng World Natural Heritage.

An international conference on the Yellow (Bohai) Sea Wetlands is held every year to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with international organizations such as the United Nations Convention on Wetlands and Wetlands International, establish an East Asian-Australian migration route cities alliance, and promote the protection of wetlands and migratory birds along the cities. Each year, the Yancheng International Bird Watching Festival and Bird Watching Equipment Exhibition are held to create an international festival for exchanges and sharing among international "bird-loving, bird-watching, and bird-protecting" organizations and people. Actively organize the World Wetland Ecotourism Conference and tell the story of Yancheng in an international language.

Standing at the height of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, based on the "heritage +" new economy, formulate ecotourism plans for heritage sites, and promote the development of the Yellow Sea wetland ecotourism industry with high standards. Focus on the transformation and improvement of the Red-crowned Crane Wetland Eco-tourism Zone and the Chinese Elk Park, build Yancheng Wildlife Park and Yuanjiajian Holiday Island, speed up the transformation and upgrading of Xinyanggang Old Street and Huangshagang Fishing Port, and plan to build the Erlang World Heritage Town. The ecological tourism with wild deer swing characteristics will be improved and improved, and the ecological restoration of the squatting retirement zone will be implemented scientifically. Actively promote the construction of the ecological economic circle around the Yellow Sea, and make every effort to create an international wetland city.

Fully mobilize social forces and encourage the Communist Youth League, the Women's Federation, the Academic Federation, the Young Pioneers and other social teams, primary and secondary school students, and relevant persons at home and abroad to participate in heritage protection management, migratory bird protection, and international conference services. Establish and improve the volunteer system, implement the service duration credit system management, and improve the social influence of volunteer service and the sense of honor of volunteers by issuing certificates to outstanding volunteers. Establish and improve a system for public reporting and exposure of violations of laws and regulations, open a telephone for the supervision and reporting of heritage protection management, encourage the public, the media, and social organizations to participate in the protection and supervision of heritage sites, and ensure the public's right to information, participation and supervision. (Wang Cheng Wang Lei Xu Zhao)

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