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Chairman Liu Shanglin visits Singapore artist Lin Yangzhang's studio

Media: Original Author: Sun and Moon Gap
2019/12/15 1:03:21 Professional number: Sun Moon Gorge 2019/12/15 1:03:21

Mr. Lin Yangzhang, a well-known Singaporean painter, with his unique artistic comprehension, profound Chinese heritage and painting skills, skillfully combined the advantages of Chinese painting with poetic and philosophical significance with the advantages of Western painting art, and has become the leader in Singapore. New literati painter.

The famous Russian writer Chekhov once said: "Art puts wings on us and takes us far away." In this beautiful world where the soul can fly freely, the acquaintance with Chairman Liu Shanglin, who has a high level of artistic aesthetic taste, is the soul's understanding. There are no barriers, but only the rhinoceros that can understand.

The true artist ’s heart is clear and beautiful. After perfectly designing the marble creative painting “Sun and Moon in the Sunlight” at the Sun Moon Gorge Visitor Center, and dedicating his paintings to the Sun Moon Gorge International Cultural Festival, Mr. Lin Yangzhang once again issued for this soul home Ambition: Donate 110 paintings to the newly-built tourist reception center of Riyuexia to make every room in the building shine!

"Making friends in Xiangzhi, Xiangzhi wins blood relatives!" On December 13, Gao Qinghou met again. Chairman Liu Shanglin visited Mr. Lin Yangzhang's studio.

WeChat picture_20191214155457

WeChat picture_20191214155510

In the world of art, the fighting room is also Huatang, with beautiful elegance. The bright colors on the wall, like the pure and clear smiles of two friends, form a painting.

WeChat picture_20191214155541

The most beautiful aspect of the ink color is the joy of heart.

WeChat picture_20191214155610

Stunning Studio Workbench

Mr. Lin Yangzhang is not only fond of Chinese paintings with deep Zen poetry, but also quite accomplished in the fields of modern painting and abstract painting. He was eclectic and integrated, and gradually formed his own painting system. "Italy, Force, Rhyme, Fun" The pen is exquisite.

This brush with countless shapes sculpts the silhouette of Mr. Lin's cultivation and reflection on art, a fluffy and blooming front, like a wing that only spreads its wings, and in the hands of that wonderful pen and flower, it is the most beautiful in the world. Flying!

WeChat picture_20191214155547

WeChat picture_20191214155556

Mr. Lin shows one of the series of paintings during the creation of "Sun and Moon"

"Sun and the Moon" shows the unique spectacle of the sun and the moon in the sun and moon canyon reflected in the sky. It is also the finishing touch of the sun and moon gorge reception center. The expression form of oil painting is adopted, but it presents the ink and wash artistic conception of Chinese painting. Mr. Lin Yangzhang devoted a lot of effort to the creation of this painting. He was meticulous and deliberate, and repeatedly discussed and exchanged with Chairman Liu Shanglin. It was touching that he actually changed the draft 30 times in succession, and in the process formed a beautiful picture A series of marble art paintings have been finalized, and the master of art keeps improving, and the spirit of searching for souls and spirits is leaping into the painting.

WeChat picture_20191215061702

"Sun and Moon with Brightness" has a delicate and distant artistic conception, and uses ink to sway the mid-levels of nature without any traces. The dots and halo strokes highlight the skillfulness and completeness of the skill, the false and the real, and the gathering and dispersal are appropriate. A few strokes put the yin and yang of heaven and earth together. Heng Zhuan was far away, and God appeared.

WeChat picture_20191214155551

Mr. Lin's paintings are full of fun.

WeChat picture_20191214155514

Enter the door and break out. In the diligent exploration of artistic creation, Mr. Lin has constantly surpassed himself and developed to diversification. The painting techniques are changing with each passing day, and the expression forms are colorful. This is what Mr. Lin painted on the cloth pads, porcelain plates and wooden boxes. Art works full of life and interest.

It is very gratifying that when Chairman Liu Shanglin sincerely invited Mr. Lin Yangzhang to be the chief designer of Sunyuexia cultural industry process development, Mr. Lin readily agreed that the field of Sunyuexia cultural construction will welcome Mr. Lin to lead the army Row.

WeChat picture_20191214155601

Satchel painting

WeChat picture_20191214155605

Old jeans turned into a fun high-end painting shoulder bag

WeChat picture_20191214155532

In the studio, Mr. Lin Yangzhang is having art discussions and exchanges with friends.

WeChat picture_20191214155519

God meets the heart, the heart and the spirit are united. In this condensed inheritance, a pure and flawless world opens brightly, as if a clear stream, with his unique clear waves and clear waves, enters the world happily, straight to the heart !!

Looking forward to 2020, Sun Moon Canyon, Caimo Lingyue, happy together!

Photography: Singapore Forest Yoga Museum

Editor's release: translated by Zhang Fang

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