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Sichuan: Unauthorized felling or transplantation of ancient and famous trees will result in huge fines

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2019/12/31 10:39:06 Professional number: Sun Moon Gorge Information 2019/12/31 10:39:06

Earlier this month, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress voted to pass the Regulations on the Protection of Ancient and Famous Trees in Sichuan Province. The regulations will come into effect on January 1 next year. This is the first time in our province to establish the scope and path of protection of ancient and famous trees in the form of local legislation.

According to relevant regulations: Trees that are more than 100 years old are ancient trees; trees that are rare, valuable or have historical value and commemorative meaning are famous trees. Statistics show that as of last year, there were 70,308 ancient and famous trees in our province, of which 70,214 were ancient trees and 94 were famous trees.

The "Regulations" include all ancient and famous trees and their "reserves" other than virgin forests-trees that are over 80 years and under 100 years, all included in the scope of protection. And for the first time, penalties and law enforcement standards are given. In the future, cutting or transplanting ancient and famous trees in Sichuan without authorization will result in huge fines. The specific standards are: fines of ancient trees or famous trees felled without authorization, a fine of 1 million yuan to less than 2 million yuan per plant; fines of ancient trees or famous wood transplanted without permission, 50,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan per plant The following fines.

The Regulations clarify the law enforcement agencies for ancient and famous trees, further clarify the boundaries of ancient tree transplantation and management, and clarify the circumstances in which transplantation or logging is really needed, the examination and approval department, and the examination and approval process.

In addition, daily management is also one of the protection priorities. The "Regulations" clearly establish a dynamic management mechanism for ancient and famous trees, and clarify the main sources of financial resources for management and protection. It is understood that, at present, our province has fully completed the ancient tree and famous tree resource census, initially established a database and information management system, and will expedite the establishment of a protection and utilization expert database, uniformly issue the protection card style and number of ancient trees and famous trees, and issue identification methods. And conservation practices. (Pu Xianglin reporter Wang Chengdong)

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