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Liu Shanglin: Thirty years of practicing the sword

Media: Original Author: Sun and Moon Gap
2019/7/17 15:45:42 Professional number: Sun Moon Gorge 2019/7/17 15:45:42

[, Heilongjiang, Zhang Shiting, Zhang Xinyu, Gao Zhuxin] For thirty years, he has devoted all his energy to this green mountain and green water. For thirty years, he has turned a nameless Riyuexia into a well-known wellness tourism in China The town, now, with the completion of the Sun Moon Gorge Visitor Service and Reception Center, Sun Moon Gap has taken a landmark step in the development of the forest health care and pension industry. For 30 years, as a day, The history of thirty years ago is vivid.

"I went up the mountain at three or four in the morning, just in time to catch up with Riyue Tonghui, because in traditional Chinese culture, Riyue Tonghui represents peace between yin and yang and is an important part of the ecosystem. Its name is Riyuexia. "

The person who named Sun Moon Gap was Liu Shanglin. Born in 1949, Liu Shanglin is a contemporaneous member of the People's Republic of China. He is now the chairman of Heilongjiang Riyuexia Big Forest Tourism Group Co., Ltd.

With a pair of black sunglasses forever and a warm smile, my first impression left a mysterious and profound impression. On July 16, 2019, the completion ceremony of the tourist reception center of Tieli Heilongjiang Riyuexia Forest Park Co., Ltd. officially opened. "I still remember that when I went to the provincial sports committee to give a lecture and gave me 500 yuan, I used these 500 yuan to start a business." From 500 yuan entrepreneurship to a large group with a registered capital of 66 million yuan. For 30 years, Mr. Liu has been committed to the development of the forest pension business, and has not stopped or stopped. The completion of this building not only has a landmark significance in the entire forest pension business, but also left a strong mark in Liu Shanglin's entire entrepreneurial career.

"This building adopts German passive construction and can release a large amount of negative oxygen ions indoors. It is cool and cool in summer and warm and comfortable even without heating in winter. This building has absolutely unparalleled advantages in other buildings."

Liu Shanglin is ingenious about the construction of the building. Every detail has a clever design, and he has done his best to create the most superior hard facilities for the elderly in the forest. Of course, hard conditions are not enough. The core part of forest retirement is the environment.

"The difference between forest pensions and urban pensions lies in the unique environmental advantages of forests. The carbon dioxide exhaled by people and the negative oxygen ions released in the forest form a virtuous circle. This way to improve human immunity is definitely an irreplaceable medical method. When talking about the differences between the forest pensions, Liu Shanglin said that in the city, various dust-filled and noisy environments make our health problems more and more serious, and the forest environment that Sun Moon Gorge relies on just makes up for at this point.

"The Sun and Moon Gorge Health Care and Pension Base is definitely a place suitable for all ages, and it is a perfect combination of ancient health care methods with modern medicine and science. I hope that more people will benefit in the future." Homecoming, in order to support future generations to support the blue sky, Liu Shanglin made a beautiful exhibition of the future of Riyuexia.

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