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Zhangshu City successfully completed the seventh forest resources survey

Media: Original Author: Yichun Forestry
2019/12/30 18:28:30 Professional number: Yichun Forestry 2019/12/30 18:28:30

After 6 months of arduous investigation, Zhangshu City finally completed the seventh type of forest resources investigation in time and quality, and came up with the “Results of the Seventh Type of Forest Resources Investigation in Zhangshu City”.

In this "two tunes", all the investigators carried forward the spirit of arduous struggle, continuous fighting, and selfless dedication, and a number of advanced touching deeds emerged. At the beginning of the investigation, although the rain continued, the investigation team members were still enthusiastic. They were not afraid of the wind and rain, climbed to the top of the mountain, and went into the jungle to investigate. The heat was very hot, and the investigators were wearing hot camouflage, carrying survey tools on their shoulders, carrying dry food on their backs, chopping thorns, and risking the bite of insects and snakes. Do field surveys and small class surveys in chest-deep trenches. Each small class left the footprints of the investigating team members, leaving their hard sweat and even blood, but the investigating team members shed blood and sweat without tears and no complaints. The lesbians are no less inferior. They did not lose to the gay men. During the investigation, their faces and hands were "hanging colors", and they did not withdraw from their "forestry battlefield." They really carried forward the spirit of shamelessness.

The camphor tree in December was extremely cold at night, and the forestry bureau was still brightly lit and enthusiastic. Five plus two, white plus black, comrades rolled up their sleeves and worked hard, and completed the internal statistics summary non-stop.

The insistence of all the “two-tunes” is only because of the responsibilities and beliefs of the “forestry fighters”. It is only to ensure the progress of the “two-tunes” and to produce a satisfactory answer sheet. (Zhangshu Forestry Bureau Peng Zheng)

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