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Wild animals give Qilian Mountain its wild beauty

Media: Qinghai Daily Author: Gewen Rong
2019/12/30 8:26:26 Professional number: Sun Moon Gorge Information 2019/12/30 8:26:26

Life and Death Showdown by Bao Yongqing

Photo by Black-necked Crane King Yonghui

Photo by Diagonal Ge Yuxiu

Good selection of wolves

Looking back at Bao Yongqing

Photo by Bao Yongqing

Photo by Yue Qichen

Photo by mother love Li Shanyuan

Photo by Ai Hu Liu Xiang

White-lipped deer Cai Dequan

Capture by Photo of Li Shanyuan

Photo by Desert Cat

The great Qilian Mountain is the source of history and culture, multiple rivers, and even the source of life.

The continuous Qilian Mountains provide ideal habitats for many wild animals. With the continuous advancement of the pilot system of the Qilian Mountains National Park, the increasing number of wild animals has added wild beauty to the Qilian Mountains. It provides fertile soil for creative photographers who are good at discovering wild beauty. Among them, Qilianshan National Park's chief photographer Bao Yongqing's work "The Battle of Life and Death" won the 2019 BBC British International Wildlife Photography Contest awards, which has attracted great attention from the world.

The Qilian Mountains gave birth to a large area of wilderness, and above the wilderness was a paradise of life. As one of China's 32 priority areas for biodiversity protection, Qilian Mountain has become a priority area for biodiversity protection in China due to biodiversity, unique and typical natural ecosystems and biotas. It has important demonstration significance in protection.

In the Qilian Mountains, snow leopards, rock sheep, snow cocks, white-lipped deer, and black-necked cranes have formed vertical distribution characteristics according to the vertical distribution of climate and geomorphology. The wild animals living in the Qilian Mountains are all powerful, rejuvenated, naive, healthy, lively, and full of vitality. Moeness, which is the nature of all life, is the beauty of a healthy, happy and harmonious life individual. These adorable wild animals allow us to see the vitality of the Qilian Mountains, the harmony of ecological stability, the beauty of life, and the great changes in our homeland ... (Ge Wenrong)

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