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"Green Water, Green Mountains and Watching China • Online Video Exhibition 2019-Network Exhibition of Forestry and Grassland Achievement Feature Films on the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China"

Media: Original Author: Yu Yan Qi
2019/11/21 8:54:44 Professional number: Yu Yanqi2019 / 11/21 8:54:44

"Lvshuiqingshan Watching China · Online Video Exhibition 2019——

The 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China on the Network of Forestry and Grassland Achievements

Event selection results announced

In order to further promote the role and status of forestry and grassland in the construction of ecological civilization, and to focus on the achievements of forestry and grassland in the past 70 years, in April of this year, the Propaganda Center of the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau decided to launch a nationwide "Green Water, Green Mountain and Watch China · Internet Video Show 2019-The 70th Anniversary of New China's Forestry and Grassland Achievements Feature Film Network Broadcast. The event received a total of more than 70 feature films submitted by forestry and grassland departments at all levels throughout the country. After online selection and expert evaluation, 10 "top ten works" and 10 "excellent works" were finally selected. The results are published as follows:

I. List of Top Ten Works:

Title of work

"Nature Shanghai" Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Greening and City Appearance

National Park Image Film Fujian Forestry Bureau

Watching Happy Forest Haikou Forest Farm, Kunming, Yunnan Province

China Forest Tourism Green China Internet TV

"Inner Mongolia Daxinganling" promotional video Inner Mongolia Forest Industry Group

Green Continuity, Forestry and Grass Bureau of Pu'er City, Yunnan Province

My Wetland My Love Guizhou Guiyang Aha Lake National Wetland Park Management Office

Desert Green Song Inner Mongolia Forestry and Grassland Bureau

Green Journey Chinese Academy of Forestry

Protecting the beauty of green mountains and green mountains, making Jinshan and Yinshan bigger, Zhejiang Forestry Bureau

List of outstanding works:

Title of work

National Engineering Ecological Aircraft Carrier National Forestry and Grassland Bureau

Xun Zai Shou Chuxin, Tigers, Shocks, Mountain Forest, Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park Administration, Hunchun Bureau

Gaoligong Mountain-World Biosphere Reserve Yunnan Baoshan Forestry Bureau

Practicing the theory of two mountains and guarding the national vein Qinling Shaanxi Ningdong Forestry Bureau

Forest Protection of the Natural Forest Story National Forestry and Grassland Bureau Natural Forest Protection Office

Green dyed Qindong Manmuchun Shaanxi Weinan Forestry Bureau

Twenty Years' Observation on the Road to Transformation in Qinghai

"Beijing-Tianjin Green Lungs" Qilihai Management Committee of Tianjin Qilihai Wetland Nature Reserve

Changes in Chengkou Episode 11 Jinshan Yinshan 1 Chengkou County Forestry Bureau, Chongqing

Longjiang Forest Industry-Northern Wonder Phoenix Mountain Longjiang Forest Industry Group Company

All the above works are displayed on the special webpage of the website of the website of Forestry ( "Green Water, Green Mountains and Watching China · Online Video Exhibition 2019-The 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China's Forestry and Grassland Achievement Feature Films" .

Publicity Center of the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau

November 21, 2019

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