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Zhang Jianmin, director of the National Forest Park Management Office, visits Riyuexia National Forest Park to investigate

Media: Original Author: Sun and Moon Gap
2019/6/13 8:19:37 Professional number: Sun Moon Gorge 2019/6/13 8:19:37


From June 5 to 7, 2019, Director of the National Forest Park Management Office of the State Forestry and Grass Bureau, Director of the Forest Tourism Management Office, Zhang Jianmin, Deputy Director of the State-owned Forest Farm and Seedling Management Department, carried out forest tourism to Riyuexia National Forest Park , Forest health and other aspects of the 3-day survey. Accompanied by Liu Shanglin, chairman of Heilongjiang Riyuexia Forest Tourism Group, and Wu Hongtao, general manager.



Director Zhang observed the functional sun and moon clapping fitness dance at the site of the Dragon Boat Festival and praised his fitness principles and effects.


Director Zhang personally experienced and witnessed the fitness effects of forest yoga on the human body in the forest environment, and delivered an impromptu speech to the people who participated in the fitness activities: I came from Beijing to Riyuexia to experience forest fitness activities with everyone. I feel the health effects brought by the big forest, especially the forest yoga is a scientific method of health keeping close to nature, returning to nature, enjoying nature, and integrating with nature, and suggesting that more people come into the forest and use the forest High-quality ecological environment, practicing forest yoga, feeling the harmony between man and nature, thus gaining health and sublimation of body and mind.

At the Riyuexia Reception Center, Chairman Liu introduced each construction detail and use function to Director Zhang. When Director Zhang learned that the building uses passive building concepts, using environmentally-friendly and energy-saving building materials, innovative door and window technology, and efficient fresh air heat recovery technology to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity in the room. The efforts made in forest rehabilitation have been highly praised, organically combining the good forest ecological environment and energy-saving and environmentally friendly buildings, broadening the use of forest resources, and pushing the successful experience of Riyangxia forest rehabilitation into a wider Field, to build a good forest ecological environment into a health paradise for people, can better reflect the significance of forest health.

Riyuexia Forest Yoga Health System has accumulated 29 years of practical experience. It has held many international high-end forums with theory and practice. It has significant effects on improving the physical and mental health of the people, especially in the good forests of Riyuexia National Forest Park. Practicing in the ecological environment has a unique charm of healthy health.

In the two decades since the construction of the Sun Moon Gorge National Forest Park, a large number of volunteers who love forest yoga have contributed to the construction of the park, forming a social righteousness that loves nature, is willing to contribute, and works hard.

Director Zhang fully affirmed the spirit of the implementation of the "State Forestry Administration's Notice on Vigorously Promoting Forest Experience and Forest Health Development" and praised the volunteer volunteers who have worked hard for the construction of the park for many years.

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