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Collection of Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels-Traveling Around

Media: Original Author: Sun and Moon Gap
2019/12/8 15:56:11 Professional number: Sun Moon Gorge 2019/12/8 15:56:11

Travel around

Sun Moon Gorge volunteers traveled thousands of miles to study and set out in the early morning of October 10, and returned to the night on December 3, which lasted 55 days, traveled more than 25,000 kilometers, visited 53 scenic spots, and the study and study team members are the oldest The 79-year-old, the youngest is only 13 years old, the team members Dongqi Xiaoli An Xing'anling Ecological City Tieli Riyue Gorge, passed through Jinjin and Pingyao, went out of Qin to Tianfu, love songs accompanied by Sichuan and Tibet to the plateau Xiaojiangnan , Visited the Potala Palace sincerely on Tibet Road, visited the ancient city of Lijiang on Dianzang Road on the snowy plateau, looked up at Shilin to see the beautiful scenery of Guilin, and stayed at the Oriental Bridgehead of the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge by the East China Sea. Song echoes the north peak of Gongbei of Sun Moon Gorge, and the northern station is a happy journey of laughter and joyous songs. They went to the Great Wall, to the Yellow River, to cross the Yangtze River, to the famous mountains, to ancient temples, to temples, to see ruins, to visit monuments, to exhibit halls, to school, to show love, to broadcast love, to spread the sun and moon gorge forest yoga concept, and to spread the sun and the moon. Xia clap square fitness dance seeds, promote the grand vision of Riyuexia National Forest Park "for the elderly of the world, for the future children and grandchildren" grand vision, Riyuexia business card ringing and bright, Riyuexia people study and study, visit the mountains and rivers Studying in all directions, Riyuexia spreads great health, and the reputation of Riyuexia is spreading. The team members experienced the spatiotemporal changes of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, overcome the problems of body, body and mind during long-distance travel, overcome the troubles of the plateau reaction on the way to Tibet, defeated themselves and surpassed themselves in the travel. , Sun Moon Gorge volunteers traveled a hundred people to travel and study and fulfilled the solemn promise of "successful trip, not one person" at the time of departure!

Chairman Liu Shanglin led more than a hundred people of the third Wanlixing expedition to Riyuexia, and wrote down all the way Liu Shanglin's photographic travels around Wanlixing. The index of the second half is as follows:

19. Traveling around Wanli , Mangkang Salt Well and Ancient Salt Field-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

20.Traveling around the Meili Snowy Mountain——Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

21. Traveling around Wanli Shangri-La's Baishuitai-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

22.Traveling around Jiji Mountain , Dali, Liu Shanglin

23. Traveling around Miles of Dali Erhai scenery series "Erhai Little Putuo" —— Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

24. Traveling around Miles of Dali Erhai Lake Series II “Wetlands and Wuyuan Wuyuan Scenery” —— Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

25. Traveling around Miles of Dali Erhai Lake, the third "Scenery of Sun Palace on Yuji Island"-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

26. Traveling thousands of miles around Erhai Lake series, “Erhai Putuoquan Hot Springs”-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

27. Traveling around Shilin , Yunnan: Traveling with Liu Shanglin

28. Traveling thousands of miles around the cave in Jiuxiang-Liu Shanglin's photography travel

29. Traveling around the Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Park-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

30. Traveling thousands of miles around the wild elephant valley in Xishuangbanna , Yunnan-Liu Shanglin's photography travel

31. Traveling around Wanli Pu'er National Park and Yunnan Sun River National Forest Park-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

32. Traveling thousands of miles around Jinping Mountain, Miele City, Yunnan Province-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

33. Traveling around Wanli , Yunnan's Maitreya Oriental Charm-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

34. Traveling around the Black Swan Lake Scenic Area of Liushen Liu Liulin Photography Travels

35. Traveling around Heiqinglong Mountain Scenic Spot for all walks of life-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

36. Traveling around the black torch hole of ordinary people-Liu Shanglin's photography travel

37. Traveling around Heli Village of Miles-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

38. Traveling around for miles and miles to the Silver Beach in the Northwest of Guangxi-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

39. Traveling around Heli Hanpu Museum-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

40. Traveling thousands of miles around Yulin , Guangxi, China-Liu Shanglin's photography tour

41. Traveling around the landscaping of the Yuntian Cultural City (1)-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

42. Traveling around the Wantian Cultural City Landscape (2)-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

43. Traveling thousands of miles to Guiping and the Tropic of Cancer-Liu Shanglin's photography travel

44. Traveling thousands of miles around Guiping Xishan-Liu Shanglin's photography travel

45. Traveling thousands of miles to the Jintian Uprising Address-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

46. Traveling around the Lijiang River in Guilin——Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

47. Traveling thousands of miles around Guilin's Elephant Trunk Hill-Liu Shanglin's photography travel

48. Traveling thousands of miles around Guilin's Xing'an Lingqu-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

49. Traveling around the Huizhou submarine houses ——Liu Shanglin's photography travel

50. Traveling around Tunxi Old Street-Traveling with Liu Shanglin

51. Traveling around Huangshan , Anhui-Liu Shanglin's Photography Travels

Editor: Wang Keli

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