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The hard truth behind the Chelsea Flower Show: plants are the protagonists of gardening

Media: Original Author: Wang Kang
2019/10/13 19:48:02 Professional number: Wang Kang2019 / 10/13 19:48:02

This year is the second time that I have led a team to visit the Chelsea Flower Show. Frankly, I am not as excited as last year, but I am more calm. Looking at the crowds, I still like to be quiet and prefer to hang out in the wild or the botanical garden. Looking at the huge or colorful horticultural varieties at the exhibition, although very happy, they always felt so unnatural. Secretly said in my heart: If it is not for a special reason, we must change to another place to see next year. However, the same incident was repeated in the past two years, and the Chelsea Flower Show was unconsciously compared with major events such as domestic horticultural expositions and flower exhibitions. Therefore, some thoughts are recorded below.

The main characters of gardening are plants, and the others are supporting characters. Noisy dominance will be doomed to failure.

The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the most famous horticultural flower shows in the world. More than 100 years of historical experience tells us: In horticultural flower exhibitions or horticultural expositions, horticultural displays that display new varieties of plants and plant-based materials are the most important, rather than subjectively passed on garden sketches or unique miniature architectural style The local characteristics that the public already knows thousands of times.

There are two parts of the Chelsea Flower Show. The first is the display of indoor plant materials. Here is a paradise for gardening enthusiasts. Here, the world's best flower breeding production companies or nurseries are almost concentrated. The second is the outdoor garden display. Here Collected the works of famous garden designers funded by big consortiums. British housewives like this part the most, because they can get the latest garden design ideas, the works of imitators, and improve the garden of their homes. Beauty, or chasing the latest garden trends. But no matter what, plant materials dominate. Each plant is carefully selected, and it is well thought out in terms of plant type, color, flowering period, and even odor.

If it's a simple flower show, it's nothing worse than a hypermarket. After the hastily closed, there are no sequelae. However, comparing the domestic horticultural expo, it is not difficult to see the gap. Although it is said that it has been nearly 20 years since the 1999 Kunming Horticultural Exposition, the domestic horticultural exposition is in full swing, almost every year, and even some years are held several times a year, which dazzles the Chinese people. However, most of the effects produced were: the scene was lively, the meeting was messy, and it is now deserted.

Expositions that are held in outdoor venues may feel stubborn, lingering, neither staying, nor staying, are not counted, and carefully counted, now most of them have gradually become country parks, bleak business. There are more pain points, let's taste it here!

The reason may be to understand the gardening expo as a garden expo, which has rattled the guests of the garden and won the master of gardening. This weird circle seems to continue to be staged. When the designer does not understand gardening clearly, he will obviously use the garden. To fill in the vacancies, it is often not a plant that is the protagonist of a horticultural expo, but a piece of garden. The biggest fun in the audience is to guess and see who can guess which country and which garden comes from without looking at the logo. The province or which city actually tests the geography knowledge of elementary or junior high schools.

Although gardens and horticulture are closely linked and inseparable, the horticultural exhibition or expo reflects the level of horticulture. It is not a garden design competition. The public may be unclear and there is no obligation to distinguish clearly. However, the organizers of the exhibition must have a clear understanding. In the long run, we must have the mind that "it is not necessary for me to succeed".

Of course, the improvement of horticulture level also requires fertile soil for the people. Take a look at the picture above to know that it may take time for our gardening spring to come, because we need to remove the gauze aunt and SLR master from the square dance team. There is hope for liberation, doesn't it?

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