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Gansu Minqin Liangucheng Protection Bureau Liangucheng Protection Station earnestly strengthens work safety

Media: Original Author: defend desert oasis
2019/12/30 9:18:41 Professional number: Defend the desert oasis2019 / 12/30 9:18:41

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, Gansu Minqin Liangucheng Protection Bureau and Liangucheng Protection Station reorganized, redeployed, and implemented work safety in combination with the actual work to ensure that the situation of forest resources, ecological construction, and safety in the grass and grass industry in the area under control continued to be stable. Contain and prevent safety accidents, and effectively strengthen work safety.

First, earnestly enhance the sense of responsibility and mission for safety production. Fully understand the importance and urgency of safety in production, always remain vigilant, always tighten the string of safety in production, further consolidate responsibilities, implement safety production and safety precautions in every aspect, every position, and prevent various types of Accidents have occurred to ensure a stable production situation.

The second is to pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities and thoroughly investigate hidden dangers of security risks. Closely combined with the actual situation, according to the current production activities and climatic characteristics, in accordance with the principle of horizontal to side, vertical to the bottom, leaving no dead ends, the implementation of the forest fire prevention and safety production hidden troubles in the jurisdiction, the responsibility is decomposed into each link, to each person To effectively resolve risks and eliminate hidden dangers.

The third is to highlight the focus of work and make every effort to rectify the hidden dangers of safety issues. Formulate and adopt effective and targeted control measures, make every effort to implement safety precautions, strictly implement various tasks of production safety during the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, continue to increase inspections in key areas and areas in forest areas, and increase the number of accident-prone areas The key areas and key links are repeatedly investigated, and investigations are carried out while reforms are implemented to facilitate investigations and reforms. "Zero tolerance" is implemented for the problems and hidden dangers detected, and rectification is in place.

The fourth is to effectively strengthen emergency management and strictly prevent safety accidents. Strengthen the duty on duty, strictly implement the 24-hour duty, leadership and information reporting system, further improve the emergency mechanism and emergency plan, fully prepare the emergency team, equipment and materials, and effectively enhance emergency management and disposal capabilities.

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