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Hi! Shajiabang Luyi Value Package is here ~ Warm all winter

Media: Original Author: Lu Yi Shajiabang Resort
2019/12/30 10:53:30 Professional number: Shajiabang Luyi Holiday Hotel2019 / 12/30 10:53:30

In winter, it should be warm

A cup of warm tea, a pot of warm soup

Dispel the cold for days

Come to Shajiabang on weekends

About Luyi Resort

For Jiangnan, the impression is always the old town with white walls and gray tiles, so you wo n’t be surprised to meet Lu Yi-it retains the original colors of Jiangnan architecture, elegant and simple, simple and simple, like the same painting Amidst the vast reeds, the lake light was near.

Cold in winter and warm in reed

Reed flower sway

Waterfowl Peregrine Falcon

Into Shajiabang

Let's go to the depths of Luhua to find Luyi

In this winter

Luxi Resort has a great package for you

Super warm ~ let's take a look

Warm Winter Package

Only 188 yuan!


2 tickets to Shajiabang Scenic Area

Winter Fashion Double Hot Pot Set 1


(Ctrip, Tongcheng, Meituan are available)

Winter fashion double pot set

Fried stew with wild fish stew

Stewed with snow cabbage and fresh bamboo shoots

Miso soup

Let your index finger move

Plus a variety of seasoned vegetables

is not it

The long-lost feeling of intimacy and happiness is coming

These freshest ingredients

Use the most rustic cooking methods

Present the most natural taste of food

And Shajiabang's famous reed tea

Sweet but not greasy, warming the stomach and warming the heart

Asparagus wild bamboo shoots (bottom of the pot)

Hot dishes: Northeast cabbage, oil gluten, lettuce, potato chips, duck blood, fat beef

Staple food: Fried rice with vegetables

Hot drink: reed tea

Super hearty! !!

Such a package costs only 188 yuan!

You can enjoy the double scenic spot tickets + stylish hot pot!


1. Appointment phone: 0512-52571117 (need to make an appointment by phone one day in advance);

2. Meal time: Chinese food 11: 00-13: 00, dinner 17: 00-19: 00;

3. Use time: From now until December 31, 2019.

If you want to stay in Ludang

Then there is a great value package for everyone.

Yu Yuxin Heart Double Package

Only 568 yuan!


2 tickets to Shajiabang Scenic Area

1 night luxury deluxe / twin room at Luyi Resort Hotel



Winter Fashion Double Hot Pot Set 1

Enjoy buffet breakfast for two persons, free hotel chess room for 1 hour


(Ctrip and donkey mother are on sale)

Dangdangdangdang ~

Yu Yuxin Heart Double Package

Keep you warm

Eat warmer

Taking the south leg native chicken as the bottom of the pot

Rich soup aroma

With a variety of hot dishes

Sweet-scented osmanthus duck blood

In the smoke

Feel the winter of Shajiabang Jiangnan

Breeding Southern Leg Chicken (bottom of the pot)

Hot dish: Northeast cabbage, oil gluten, black fish fillet, duck blood, fat beef, small spinach, Japanese shrimp cake

Dim Sum: Sweet Osmanthus Duck Blood

Staple food: Fried rice with vegetables

Fruit: Watermelon


1. Use time: December 5, 2019 to February 29, 2020;

2. Reservation phone: 0512-52251000 (reservation required before 18:00, 1 day before the trip);

3. 10% discount on food and beverage consumption during the stay (guests need to pay for themselves, only staying guests);

4. Validity of stay: December 5, 2019-February 29, 2020;

5. Ticket products, hot pot set coupons, chess and card room experience vouchers, please collect them at the front desk.

* Make up the difference: If you need to upgrade other room types, please go to the store to make up the difference

Limited to 5 rooms per day, not available from January 24 to January 30

Awesome! 568 yuan perfect solution for food and accommodation tour! !!

Winter is here and the year is coming

Come and enjoy the winter time in Shajiabang

Great price! Super warm pot!

what are you waiting for! !!

Coarse hair ~~

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