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Sichuan Province Vice Governor Yao Sidan investigates forest fire prevention work in Panzhihua

Media: Sichuan Forestry Bureau and grasslands of: Wang Yi
2019/12/30 8:33:18 Professional number: Sun Moon Gorge Information 2019/12/30 8:33:18

China Forestry Network, December 30th. From December 24th to 25th, Yao Shidan, deputy governor of Sichuan Province and commander of the forest and grassland fire control headquarters, went to Panzhihua to investigate forest fire prevention work. Li Junchen, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, Deputy Commander of the Forest and Grassland Fire Fighting Command, Wang Ping, Deputy Director of the Provincial Forest and Grass Bureau, Deputy Director of the Forest and Grassland Fire Fighting Command Office, Deputy Secretary of the Panzhihua Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Wang Bo, Standing Committee of the Panzhihua Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor Lin Jianguo participated in the survey.

Yao Dan has successively learned from the leaders of Panzhihua City, Yanbian County, and Miyi County about the command, duty, management, and staffing of forest fire prevention this winter and next spring, and went to the Yanbian County Forest Fire Prevention Team to inspect the situation. The situation of fire material reserves, visited and consoled the forest fire professional team members who were stationed intensively.

Yao Dan emphasized that a new round of forest and grassland fire prevention period in the province is imminent, and relevant departments at all levels should attach great importance to compacting and compacting responsibilities, strengthening management of wild fire sources, and strictly preventing forest and grassland fires; mountain rangers , Grass managers, and ecological forest guards must conscientiously perform their forest protection responsibilities, promptly stop illegal field fire behaviors, and ensure early detection, early reporting, and early disposal of fire conditions; forest fire professional teams must strengthen firefighting skills and tactics training, and always maintain a high level Be alert, implement firefighting in case of fire, and ensure that the personnel are safe; make arrangements carefully, and do a good job of forest and grassland fire prevention during the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, so that the people in the forest and pastoral areas have a safe life Peaceful Spring Festival. (Wang Yi)

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