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New record for bird watching in Zhuhai-White Spoonbill first appeared in Qi'ao Mangrove Reserve

Media: Original Author: Qi'ao - Lema protected areas
2019/12/31 11:35:50 Professional number: Zhuhai Qi'ao- Dangan Reserve 2019/12/31 11:35:50

Recently, when the reserve staff carried out daily bird monitoring activities within the Qi'ao Mangrove Reserve, they were pleasantly surprised to find 3 black-faced spoonbills and 1 white spoonbill in the team foraging and took precious photos. And video footage. In Zhuhai, Black-faced Spoonbill and White Spoonbill are very rare and rare birds, which means that the ecological environment of the Qi'ao Mangrove Reserve has been continuously improved. Significant results have been achieved in illegally building fishing cages and fishing nets on the tidal flats to create good habitat and foraging conditions for wildlife.
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The first one is the Great Egret, the second one is the Black-faced Spoonbill and the second one is the White-faced Spoonbill. (Photographer: Shengli)

Confirmed by the Zhuhai Bird Watching Association, the White Spoonbill made its first appearance in Zhuhai, a new record for bird watching in Zhuhai. The White Spoonbill is a national second-level protected animal. It is widely distributed in the world, but its population is not large in China.

Black-faced Spoonbill is a rare and endangered bird in the world. It is classified as [Endangered] in the IUCN Red Book of Endangered Species, and it is also a national second-level protected animal. In 1990, the global number of black-faced spoonbills was less than 300. After more than 20 years of conservation, the global number of black-faced spoonbills was 4,463 in 2019.

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White Spoonbill (left) and Black-faced Spoonbill (right) foraging together (photographed by Shengli)

Both the black-faced spoonbill and the white spoonbill belong to the genus Spoonbill. They are large waterbirds with white plumage, black and long beaks, and a flat spoon-shaped mouth, which resembles the instrument "pipa".

When viewed from a distance, the white spoonbill is more similar to the black-faced spoonbill, but the white-spooned spoonbill is slightly larger than the black-faced spoonbill. It's all white.

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Difference between Black-faced Spoonbill and White Spoonbill (Photographed by Shengli)

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