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"Green Bank" in the mountains of Hubei——Lichuan relies on the original community of Metasequoia for development of ecological economy

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The Lichuan Creek in the early winter gradually faded away, and the villagers dug metasequoia seedlings in the fields and transported them to all parts of the country.

Harmony between man and nature

The family dam of Gongqiao Village, Zhonglu Town, leans back to Qiyue Mountain Range, with terraces in front and small rivers outside the terraces. Looking from a distance, an ancient metasequoia tree protrudes from the hanging foot into the sky, and the fallen leaves dye the roof and yard all red.

Village Party Secretary Zhou Guangwei said, "The whole family dam has more than 90 hanging feet and 57 ancient metasequoia trees. Prior to listing and protection, generations of villagers lived in harmony with ancient metasequoia for hundreds of years!"

How can Xiaohe keep so many rare and ancient trees? Deng Jiacai, a native Xiaohe elementary school teacher, said with emotion: "The metasequoia is tall and erect, which means a beam, and people are in awe of the ancient trees. This may be the simplest ecological view of Xiaohe people!"

"Over 5,600 ancient metasequoia trees grow in the entire Xiaohe River valley, and more than 10,000 Tujia and Miao people live." Gong Youming, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhonglu Town, introduced that in order to protect the ancient metasequoia trees, the town guided the masses to move all the new houses to the highway. Leave enough space for the growth of ancient trees. For large yards like the whole family dam, most villagers have relocated to build new houses.

Metasequoia transforms into a "money tree"

The survival of ancient metasequoia is a mystery, and today's protection benefits from development in addition to law.

In 1973, Lichuan set up a metasequoia mother tree management station in Xiaohe to co-manage and protect the ancient metasequoia trees. The villagers collected the seeds and collected them at the management station. The villagers could get 30% of their income. In the 1980s, the country fully liberalized the control of metasequoia seeds, and Xiaohe gave birth to many “ten thousand yuan households”.

"At that time we all called Metasequoia as a cash cow!" Said Yang Xiaofan, a resident of Guihua Village.

"In addition to selling seed balls, we also learned to select seedlings and cut seedlings. I have sent all Metasequoia in my life!" Deng Xingcha, Secretary of the Guihua Village Party Branch, said with a smile. For 40 years, he has grown and marketed Metasequoia seedlings. Life is very fulfilling.

Guixian Village's fourth group of villagers Yang Xianjia planted Metasequoia in their 20s, earning tens of thousands of yuan a year. "Not only did Metasequoia help me raise fine babies, but they also sent them to study and marry a daughter-in-law!"

Fan Shenhou had been a webmaster at Xiaohe Metasequoia Mother Tree Management Station for 27 years. He said that a three-dimensional ecological and economic development model has been formed in the native community of ancient metasequoia trees—retreating cultivated seedlings under the mountain, planting Coptis chinensis under the forest on the mountain, and developing Lichuan black tea on the mountainside. In order to reduce the degree of land excavation, there are fewer annual seedlings and more perennial large seedlings; there are fewer non-degradable materials covered in seedlings in the nursery, and replaced with metasequoia leaves collected after autumn; single species of metasequoia seedlings are scarce and cultivated Seedlings such as Lagerstroemia indica, Luan, Osmanthus fragrans.

Creek Metasequoia

"Protect metasequoia in front of and behind the house, and make your family rich and rich in Jinshan!" 73-year-old Lao Yang told reporters while applying fertilizer to Metasequoia.

Walking along the river, Gong Youming proudly said, "Don't underestimate the villages in this valley. They have affected the entire world for decades!"

At every World Metasequoia Congress, it has become the focus of attention. Since the "plant dinosaur" Metasequoia was discovered in Icheon-mawdo, and the world's only native metasequoia ancient tree community was found in the stream, 76 Dr. Metasequoia have been born here.

Nowadays, relying on the original metasequoia community of Metasequoia in the world, there are more than 50 professional cooperatives of ecological seedlings in Xiaohe area, planting more than 5,500 acres of seedlings, mainly metasequoia, with an output value of more than 60 million yuan. Tens of millions of trees can plant more than 100,000 acres. For decades, Xiaohe's Metasequoia seedlings have been selected as national gifts and sent to other countries.

Nowadays, the ecological seedlings economically radiate the townships around Wangying, Baiyangba, Yuanpu and other small rivers, which have led to the development of ecological seedlings in Lichuan.

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