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Winners of the Essay of "Love in Tieshan Temple"

Media: Original Author: Jiangsu iron Temple National Forest Park
2019/12/30 16:44:24 Professional number: Jiangsu Tieshan Temple National Forest Park2019 / 12/30 16:44:24

The text is the record of history and the bearing of feelings. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Tieshan Temple National Forest Park in Shexian County, on November 8, 2018, the Tieshan Temple Management Committee openly solicited articles related to the development of the Tieshan Temple. The works are required to reflect and witness the changes of Tieshan Temple Park and tell the story of Tieshan Temple.

After the solicitation announcement, social response was particularly enthusiastic and participation was high. A total of 792 submissions were received for this call. After rigorous evaluation by experts, the following works have been awarded:

Special Selection Award (8 pieces / group)
Tieshan Temple Notes Kai Kai Tieshan Temple Contemplation Yang Jianghuai rain hits Tianquan Lake
Feeling Tieshan Temple Liu Chaoyi Wang Qingquan Comes to the Sky Miao Hongqin
Recognize the true face of Tieshan Yang Mianfa
Happiness is starry sky

First prize (3 pieces / group)
1. People's Monument
2. Those things in the mountains and the water
3. Mr. Jiang Zongyi's Love in Tieshan Liang Ping

Second prize (5 pieces / group)
1. Yao Gong-a star on Happy Valley
2.2. Notebook Slate Road
3. Love in water
4. Tieshan Temple's "outside editor" propagandist Yu Haichao
5.5. Those people to Tieshan Temple

Third Prize (12 pieces / group)
1. The eyes of man and animal meet
2. Country life of farmers in Tieshan Temple
3. Stars light up Sun Lianzhou
4. Two or three things in 20 years
5. I once escorted the "artery" of Tieshan Temple to pass
6. Half-Life Fate Xu Houlin
7. Long Tieshan Love Yang Luoxian
8. I am a tour guide at Tieshan Temple
9. The story I had to tell with Tieshan Temple
10. Walking Tieshan Temple
11. A Place to Return the Mind Yi Shaomin
12. Ten Views of Tieshan Temple

Excellence Award (40 pieces / group)
1. Trip to Tieshan Temple
2. Forest Guardian Yan Shiming
3. The Green Dream of Tieshan Temple
4. Fall in love with that hot land
5. Green-dyed Tieshan Temple Zheng Yi
6. Drunken Resort Ding Bujun
7. 15 Ancient Poems
8. Fu Tieshan Temple Fu Zhu Tao
9. Flowers, insects, birds, and the sun, moon, and stars Liu Yin
10. Tianquan Lake: The Feast of the Eyes
11. Tourists and I tell the story of Tieshan Temple together
12. Chenhua of Tieshan Temple I admire
13. Ten years, love Tieshan Zhu Shuyi
14. That mountain, that flower, that person Hu Chunmiao
15. Tieshan Marching
16. Tieshan Temple and Tao Li
17.Damei Tieshan Temple has different moons
18. Tieshan Temple My Xanadu Garden
19. Wuyun of Tieshan Temple
20. Amorous Tieshan Gezhi Poplar Poplar
21. An Xanadu above the native land Wang Chao
22.Mist-painted Tieshan Temple
23. Two poems by Shi Yuming
24. Tieshan Temple I Love You Wang Jun
25. I went to Tieshan Temple as a guide Hou Mingduo
26. Visiting Tieshan Temple
27. Starry Lake Dream Ni Bangrui
28. My First "Electric Shock" at Tieshan Temple
29. Tieshan Love Li Ying
30. Winter Reading Tieshan Temple
31. Let love flow in Tianquan Lake
32. Seeking Shadow Tieshan Temple Miao Hongqin
33. The Long Distance of Tieshan Temple
34. The Four Seasons of Tieshan Temple
35. That Tree, That Buddha Temple, Liu Jicheng
36. Rivers and Lakes Business in Tianquan Town
37. The wind blows the treetops, the sky is the heart of the mountain
38. Love in Tieshan Temple 3 Lu Yuhai
39. Six Tieshan Temple Carrying Chenhua
40. Three Rhyming Poems

Special statement: The Tieshan Temple Management Committee of Shexian County can use the award-winning works for exhibition, publishing and other public welfare publicity. The above will no longer pay additional manuscripts, and respect and retain the author's signature rights.

She County Tieshan Temple Management Committee

Huaian Writers Association

Shexian Writers Association

Aiwennong Group Co., Ltd. Apionon Branch

December 30, 2019

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