On December 30, the National Forestry and Grassland Working Conference was held in Beijing. Zhang Jianlong, the director of the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau, emphasized that we should take Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as a guide, conscientiously implement Xi Jinping's thoughts of ecological civilization, and firmly establish the concept that green mountains and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains. In order to promote high-quality development as a general requirement, in accordance with the series of decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, we will strive to build a comprehensive, scientific, and effective forest and grass system, and comprehensively improve system governance, legal governance, comprehensive governance, and source governance. Ability to provide a solid guarantee for the modernization of forestry and grass undertakings, and better promote the development of ecological civilization and beautiful China.

Zhang Yongli, deputy director of the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau, briefed on the progress of work in 2019 and opinions on work arrangements for 2020. Deputy Directors Liu Dongsheng, Peng Youdong, Li Shuming, Li Chunliang, Party member Tan Guangming, Hu Zhangcui, full-time deputy director of the National Greening Committee Office, Chief Engineer Su Chunyu, Chief Economist Yang Chao, Deputy Director of Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission in the Ministry of Natural Resources Team leader Wei Jianping attended the meeting.

The meeting emphasized that the forest and grass management system is an integral part of the national governance system and a decisive factor for building an ecological civilization and a beautiful China. Promoting the modernization of forest and grass management systems and capabilities is an urgent need to build a beautiful China. It is an important task to improve the ecological civilization system. It is a fundamental requirement for the overall management of the landscape of forests, lakes, and lakes. select. The forestry and grassland departments at all levels must fully understand the significance of modernizing the forestry and grass management system and governance capacity from the height of the overall national strategy, speed up the completion of system shortcomings, comprehensively improve the effectiveness of governance, and continuously advance the modernization of forestry and grassland. To contribute to national modernization.

The meeting pointed out that since the founding of the People's Republic of China, China's forest and grass cause has resonated at the same frequency as the development of the motherland, and has achieved great achievements that have attracted worldwide attention. These historical achievements fully prove that China's forest and grass management system has strong vitality and great superiority, and it needs to be persisted and continuously improved. Adhering to the party's centralized and unified leadership has a significant advantage in scientific and theoretical guidance. Adhering to a high position and being government-led has the significant advantage of focusing on major issues. Adhering to the people-centered development thinking has the significant advantage of active participation by the masses. Adhering to the systematic management of landscapes, forests, fields, lakes and grasses has the significant advantage of a complete organization system. Adhering to the strict protection of forest and grass resources has the significant advantage of improving the rule of law system. Adhering to reform and innovation and advancing with the times have a significant advantage in strong development vitality. Persevering in continuous struggle and long-term contribution, it has significant advantages in pursuit of common value. Adhering to the combination of introduction and going abroad has the significant advantage of pragmatic open cooperation.

The meeting requested that in the new era to fully deepen forest and grass reform, we must focus on advancing the modernization of forest and grass management systems and governance capabilities. We must pay more attention to solving deep-seated institutional problems, accelerate the establishment of rules and regulations, and strive to build and improve the forest and grass system . We will pay more attention to the systematic and overall synergy of reform. Through innovative institutional mechanisms, improve policies and measures, and comprehensively promote the governance of mountains, rivers, forests, lakes and grasses. More attention should be paid to promoting the high-quality development of the forest and grass cause. Through the improvement of the institutional system, the improvement of governance efficiency, the enhancement of natural ecosystem functions, and the promotion of multiple benefits. Pay more attention to the implementation and implementation of the system, timely upgrade the effective system to laws and regulations, and effectively transform the advantages of the system into governance effectiveness.

The meeting pointed out that to promote the modernization of forest and grass management systems and capabilities, efforts should be made to improve and develop systems in 13 areas. The first is the land greening system. Give full play to the advantages of the greening system for the entire population, adhere to the emphasis on quantity and quality, give priority to quality, and follow the road of scientific, ecological, and frugal greening development. In accordance with the requirements for the management of landscapes, forests, fields, lakes and grasses, adhere to the forest classified management, improve the forest management system, strengthen the protection and utilization of forest and grass germplasm resources, innovate due diligence forms for all citizens to plant trees, and establish an integrated system of urban and rural landscaping. The second is the forest resource protection system. Adhere to strict systems and efficient means to protect and develop forest and wild animal and plant resources. The third is the state-owned forest management system. Deepen the reform of forest farms in state-owned forest areas, and establish and improve state-owned forest management systems and mechanisms that protect the ecology and improve the people's livelihood. The fourth is the collective forest tenure system. Maintain the long-term stability of the collective forest land contracting relationship, improve the "three rights" separation operation mechanism of collective forest land, revitalize the collective forest land management right, encourage various social subjects to participate in the transfer of forest rights, actively cultivate new management entities, and promote the modest scale management of collective forest land. Fifth, the grassland protection and restoration system. Strengthen the top-level design of grassland reforms, establish and improve grassland protection and restoration systems, improve grassland property rights systems, improve grassland contract management systems, improve grassland resource use control systems, implement basic grassland protection systems, strictly implement grazing bans and grass-animal balance systems, and promote grassland resources Sustainable use. Sixth, the wetland protection and restoration system. We will conscientiously implement the "Plan for Wetland Protection and Restoration System" and accelerate the establishment of a systematic and complete wetland protection and restoration system. Implement wetland protection and restoration projects, improve wetland classification management systems and related management methods, and strengthen capacity building of wetland protection management institutions at all levels. Seventh, a comprehensive desertification management system. We will conscientiously implement the Plan for the Protection, Restoration and Restoration of Desertified Land, and accelerate the pace of desert prevention and control. Improve the sand land use control and sand area vegetation protection system, strengthen the research and application of drought-resistance and water-saving technologies, and improve the provincial government ’s reward and punishment system for sand prevention and control. Eighth is the protection and management system of nature reserves. Fully implement the "Guiding Opinions on Establishing National Parks as the Main Body of Nature Reserves" and carry out unified management, comprehensive protection and systematic governance of various nature reserves. Ninth is the national park protection system. Adhere to the unified establishment, planning, and evaluation of national parks, promote the establishment of a unified, standardized and efficient management system, implement direct management by the central government or entrust provincial-level governments to manage, set up unified management agencies, and clarify the powers and responsibilities of national park management agencies and relevant functional departments of local governments . Ten is the resource utilization supervision system. Firmly establishing the concept of green mountains and green mountains is the golden mountain and silver mountain concept, insisting on intensive and economical use of forest and grass resources. We will improve the system of forest harvesting quotas and forest harvesting permits, and implement the paid use of state-owned forest and grassland resources and assets. Improve the management system for wild animal charter hunting permits, hunting permits and wild plant collection permits. Encourage the use of non-wood forest and grass resources and vigorously develop green and rich people industries. Eleventh is the legal protection system for forest grass. In accordance with the requirements for the overall management of landscapes, forests, fields, lakes, and grass systems, the legislation in the forest and grass field has been changed from focusing on protecting and managing a single natural resource to focusing on protecting and managing the entire natural ecosystem. Adhere to both legislation and reform, and strengthen legislation in important areas such as nature reserves, national parks, wetlands, and natural forest protection. Establish a system of laws and regulations covering forests and grasses that comprehensively cover natural ecosystems, wildlife protection and nature reserves. The twelfth is the forest and grass support policy system. Establish a forest and grass planning system under the guidance of forest and grass development strategic planning and support by special planning, and build a statistical index system that reflects the high-quality development of forest and grass undertakings. Innovate the investment and financing system and mechanism, give full play to the guiding role of fiscal funds, and attract social capital to forest and grass causes. Improve the forest ecological benefit compensation system. Continuously improve the international cooperation system of forestry and grass. Thirteen is the science and technology and talent support system. Strengthen the construction of forest and grass science and technology innovation system, improve innovation incentive mechanism and policy system, promote the construction of innovation platform, and optimize the operation mechanism. Strengthen the construction of forest and grass cadres and talents.

The meeting pointed out that in the past few years, we have seized the favorable opportunity of accelerating the construction of ecological civilization and beautiful China, actively integrated and actively served the overall cause of the party and the country, and promoted the continuous role of the forest and grass cause, expanding space, and achieving a larger Development has made important contributions to the overall planning of the "Five in One" overall arrangement and the coordinated promotion of the "Four Comprehensive" strategic layout. Seize the favorable opportunity of comprehensively deepening reforms, push forward major reforms in the forest and grass field, gradually improve the forest and grass system, and basically complete the top-level design of the forest and grass business, laying a solid foundation for the modernization of the forest and grass management system and capacity. Tightly seize the favorable opportunity of the whole society to pay attention to the construction of ecological civilization, vigorously carry out publicity and launch, typical tree selection, and public opinion guidance, and strive for more power to support and participate in the construction of forest and grass, forming a government-led, social support, enterprise investment, mass participation New situation in the development of forest and grass. It attaches great importance to telling the story of Chinese forests and grasses to the outside world, closely focusing on serving the overall situation of foreign affairs, conducting extensive exchanges and cooperation, earnestly implementing international conventions, and playing an important role in establishing the image of a responsible country in China.

The meeting requested that efforts be made to solve the problems of the system and mechanism. Strengthen responsibility, dare to face up to difficulties, promote coordinated solutions, establish and improve institutional mechanisms, and ensure that forest and grass work is not weakened and kept on file. Accelerate the establishment of a natural reserve system with national parks as the main body. The pilot task of the national park system will be basically completed next year. It is necessary to organize and complete the national park space layout plan and overall development plan as soon as possible in accordance with the national park establishment standards, reasonably determine the number and scale of national parks, and actively and steadily promote the integration and optimization of various nature reserves. The task of reforming state-owned forest areas will be fully completed next year, and the relationship between the central government and local governments, and between the government and enterprises will be basically straightened out. Strengthening, forest resource management and supervision system is more perfect, forest economic and social development is basically integrated into the local area, production and living conditions have been significantly improved, and employees' basic lives have been effectively guaranteed. Earnestly carry out key battles of ecological poverty alleviation. Next year will be the year of ending the fight against poverty, and we must complete the task of fighting poverty. In line with the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the countryside, we will conscientiously study and propose future ecological poverty reduction policies and measures, and improve the top-level design to solve the problem of relative poverty. Constantly increase the proportion of the people's forest and grass income to help rural revitalization. Make overall plans for the 14th Five-Year Plan. It is necessary to accurately grasp the new opportunities and challenges in the development of the forest and grass cause in the new era, scientifically propose new goals and new tasks, push forward with high standards, and complete the preparation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" with high quality. It is necessary to strengthen the study, publicity and training of the newly revised forest law, start the formulation of supporting systems such as the "Regulations on the Implementation of the Forest Law" as soon as possible, and increase administrative law enforcement.

The meeting proposed that 2020 will be the year of the completion of a well-off society and the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan". The annual plan is to complete 101 million acres of afforestation, 120 million acres of forest care, and 51.94 million acres of grassland to improve grassland production. 8.1 trillion yuan, 160 billion US dollars in import and export trade. Forestry and grassland departments at all levels must continue to deepen key reforms and carry out large-scale land greening. Comprehensively strengthen resource protection management, do a good job in disaster prevention and mitigation work such as forest and grassland fire prevention, steadily advance the integration and optimization of nature reserves, complete the pilot tasks of national parks, vigorously develop the green rich people industry, further strengthen the rule of law and policy guarantees, and conduct extensive publicity and education We will continue to deepen international exchanges and cooperation, strive to raise the level of scientific and technological support and informatization, and give prominence to party building.

The meeting started group discussions on the modernization of forest and grass management system and management capacity, and work deployment in 2020. Hebei, Fujian, Hunan, Chongqing, Sichuan, Qinghai, and Xinjiang made typical speeches.

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