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How to manage the rapid growing period of seedlings

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According to the growth process of the first year of sowing seedlings, it is usually divided into four stages: emergence stage, seedling stage, rapid growth stage, and seedling hardening stage.

When the seedlings are in the fast-growing period, because the seedlings grow fast and require a large amount of water, their irrigation characteristics are based on a single irrigation method. The soil loosening and weeding methods are similar to the seedling stage, except that the soil loosening is deepened to about 10-15 cm. In the late stage, that is, before the vigorous growth stops, stop weeding and weeding, so as to facilitate squatting, make the seedlings more robust, and prepare for smooth wintering or out of the nursery.

In this period, in order to meet the nutrient requirements for rapid growth of seedlings, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compound fertilizers must be applied. In the early stage, nitrogen fertilizer was the main one; in the middle stage, nitrogen and phosphorus were combined, and potassium-deficient soil should also be supplemented with some potassium fertilizer; in the later stage, topdressing should be stopped to prevent seedlings from becoming too long and ensure that the seedlings are fully lignified before falling leaves. The control of diseases and insect pests is mainly based on ground pests, and a control plan is formulated in combination with the investigation of the population density of each pest occurrence.

For full-grown seedlings, the fast-growing period starts from when the high growth of seedlings increases sharply and until the high-growth decreases significantly. For spring-growing seedlings, the fast-growing period is the peak of fast-growing seedlings. Until later. For the seedlings in the garden, the fast-growing period is the period when the growth of above-ground parts and roots accounts for the largest annual growth.

The high-growth fast-growing period of spring-growing seedlings ends in about May to June, and lasts for about 3-6 weeks in northern trees and 1-2 months in southern trees. The high growth of spring-growing seedlings during the fast growing period accounts for more than 90% of the whole year. After the high growth rate drops sharply, the high growth of the seedlings will stop after a short time. After the high growth stops, mainly the leaves begin to grow, the leaf area begins to expand, the number of leaves begins to increase, and the new young shoots begin to harden gradually.

In addition, after the growth of seedlings stopped, the diameter and root system continued to grow. The peak of diameter and root growth appeared about 2 months after the growth of plant height stopped.

The end of the fast-growing stage of the full-stage growth seedlings is generally in the north in August-September; the south generally ends in September-October, and its duration is 1.5-2.5 months in the north and 3-4 months in the south.

The nursery seedlings in the nursery stage of the seedlings began to decline from the high growth of seedlings to the end of seedling diameter and root growth. The main growth characteristics of the seedlings in the hardening stage are that the high growth of spring-growing seedlings ends in the early stage of the fast-growing period. At this time, the top buds will form. By the hardening stage, only the diameter and root system of the seedlings are growing, and the amount of growth. It is relatively large.

In full-stage growth seedlings, high growth occurs during the hardening period and a short growing period, after which the top buds will grow. The diameter and root system of the whole growth type seedlings each had an hour of peak growth during the hardening period, but the growth was not very large. The hardening period is a physiological metabolic process of seedlings, and is different from the hardening period of annual seedlings.

When the seedlings are in the hardening period, all measures that are conducive to the growth of the seedlings must be stopped. If it is winter, we must do a good job in winter protection.

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