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Pearl-necked Turtle Dove

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2019/12/29 17:36:24 Professional number: Pearl-necked Turtle Dove2019 / 12/29 17:36:24

Take a look. The head is small, without the back of the head, and near the mouth is a female bird. The head is large, with the back of the head, and the male is wide near the mouth.

Second glance. The eyes are big, the eyes are above the mouth, and the two eyes closer to the corner of the mouth are male birds. The eyes are small and dull, and the eyes and mouth are in a straight line. The two eyes are far away from the corner of the mouth is the female bird.

Three eyebrows. The eyebrows are white, wide and long or narrow and long, but the eyebrows are clear and beautiful. The two eyebrow lines extend behind the head, the eyebrows are thick, and the male bird is connected at the back of the head. This is one of the main signs to distinguish between male and female. The eyebrows are thick and short, and the eyebrows are not bright. Some of them have a break in the middle, and the female bird is not connected at the back of the head.

Look at the legs. Male birds have thick and long legs. Some of the male birds hatched on the grassy beach have red legs and look better. There is this saying: "The thrush of the thrush bird, the legs of the lark." It means that the eyebrows and legs are one of the main signs to distinguish the male and female of the thrush and the lark. It is female that has short legs and is not stout. When looking at the legs, pay attention to observe whether the claws, feet, and legs are broken or injured, whether the feet are in the shape of a character or the toes are not flat.

Five look. The beak is long and thick. Some are hawk-billed or jade-billed (translucent, like jade) are even more precious. The beak is short and thin, and it is the female bird that is weak.

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