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Studying Nature | The Last Nature Lesson of 2019, I Was Healed

Media: Original Author: OCT wetlands
2019/12/28 18:07:28 Professional number: OCT Wetland 2019/12/28 18:07:28

On December 28, 2019, the last nature lesson in OCT Wetland 2019 was successfully concluded today. Volunteer teachers of environmental protection in wetlands took more than 20 parents and children to experience a fun bird watching class in this warm winter day.

Many of the parent-child students in this course are "old acquaintances" in the wetlands. I would like to see the elves in the wetlands on the last weekend of 2019. Have they recently changed?

A group of people walked quietly on the wetland trail, holding a telescope, with their ears as antennas, and their eyes glaring like copper bells, so as not to miss any small movements, just to find the birds hidden in the bushes of the woods Men.

The hard patience was not in vain. When everyone saw the cute red-eared owl appeared on the branch, when the golden "duck" independent bill-billed duck was seen, when you saw the heron flying in the sky ... everything All the troubles and fatigues disappeared. The frustrations of work and examinations were cured by these birds. Everyone had their cute looks and pleasant sounds in their heads.

Although the two-hour course is very short, it can bring you a whole day of relaxation. Whenever I think of these little cute people I have seen today, I will feel heartfelt relaxation and comfort. The combination of nature and inner strength can heal us who enter nature.

Thank you to the environmental protection volunteer teachers Xiao Yuer (Chen Xiaoyu), Camellia (Chen Yuan), Crane Needle (Zhang Liping), Zhu Ye (Liu Bo), Teak (Fang Ye) for their assistance. The collaboration has made the class more exciting !!

OCT Wetland's nature class in 2019 has ended, but the 2020 course will have more exciting waiting for everyone to explore. In the new year, the wetlands will continue to lead friends who like nature to explore different green lifestyles, so stay tuned!

Do n’t forget that the OCT Wetland Public Account will publish the recruitment push for free public welfare courses and activities of the week every Monday . Interested partners remember to sign up. The quota is limited.

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