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Returning to the West with a smile, dreaming and traveling for thousands of miles-the expedition to the Sun, Moon Gorge and Western Miles came to a successful conclusion

Media: Original Author: Sun and Moon Gap
2019/5/27 12:12:49 Professional number: Riyuexia 2019/5/27 12:12:49

The day travels thousands of miles, and the beauty of Damei River is magnificent!

Under the warmest sunshine of the most beautiful April sky, a 109-person expedition to the western part of the Sun Moon Gorge headed for the magnificent mountains and rivers in the western part of the motherland. This way into Inner Mongolia, take Ningxia, travel to Gansu, travel to Tibet, cross Guizhou, view Hunan, look at the Yanmen style, watch the Yellow River Pentium, taste the majesty of the grottoes, and shed tears of Xibaipo! The past two months have passed by in excitement, excitement, joy, and comprehension. In the warmth of the light summer, the inspection team triumphed and triumphed!

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On the morning of May 26, 2019, the second day of the return trip of the Western Miles Expedition, the summary meeting began in an atmosphere of laughter and excitement. The members did not have the tiredness of long-distance running, and their smiles were bright and bright. Everyone still wore the red group cap with the characters of Sun Moon Gorge on their heads, which reflected the whole venue red and festive.

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The members of the delegation shared their feelings and feelings. The venue was sometimes filled with humor and laughter, and sometimes they were choked with deep emotions.

Tang Lei, the captain of Jixiang, was deeply touched by the team's love and tolerance. In the days when he experienced some items and recovered, as the captain, he was very self-blame for his mistakes, but none of the team members accused him, but they were all right. He comforted, constantly comforted and encouraged to say that everything was all right, this kind of warmth and understanding touched him very much, and the reflection that resulted from this was his rare thought sublimation.

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Member Xu Zuozhi shared with everyone with emotion: "I saw the beautiful scenery of the motherland along the way, but I deeply felt that I must thank our Communist Party, our country, our leaders, Tibet ’s highways and railway construction, I heard Chairman Liu Shanglin say you are too happy. When you came here, you had to walk dozens of miles. Only ten years apart, our country is developing very fast and we are building very fast. I feel that we are really very happy. Blessed, we must know how to cherish it! "
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Nie Shoupeng, a member of the group, talked about his feelings in Xibaipo. He said, "To Xibaipo, to be honest, I shed tears. I want us to visit all over the world and follow the footsteps of our ancestors. Without this peaceful environment Without such a peaceful life, how to study everywhere? How to travel? How to enjoy the mountains and rivers of the motherland? So, thank you again, thank the creators of our Republic, Mao Zedong and the proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation, Thank the Communist Party! "

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After the members shared, Chairman Liu Shanglin of Riyuexia Group Company made a detailed summary of the inspection activity. The journey to the west was 55 days and the journey was 24,200 kilometers. It was also a long march in the new era. Through 12 provinces, three autonomous regions, a municipality directly under the Central Government, about 186 cities and counties, 92 attractions, including 17 AAAA scenic spots, 17 AAAAA-level scenic spots.

During the trip, a total of 334 news and literature manuscripts were published, and the website's attention rate reached 1956727 times at home and abroad.

Chairman Liu Shanglin said, "Our trip to the west this time is a journey for volunteers to go beyond the challenge of Sun Moon Gorge National Forest Park.

The first challenge is beyond the journey. Through the statistics of various diseases of the body, we are doing observations every day. We observe the changes of our bodies in different regions and at different altitudes. We have achieved this. success. We have completed and created such a successful practical activity of plateau travel.

The second aspect is the study tour of improvement. We observed 92 scenic spots this time, and learned about the setting of some park-oriented signboards, road maintenance, and the reasonable layout of the bathrooms in the park. The construction of Yuexia National Forest Park is better, so that more people can enter into such an ecological environment to purify. This is our historical mission and responsibility.

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The third aspect is a trip to public welfare and publicity. The investigation carried out donation activities to several Hope Primary Schools, which caused a good response in the local area. At the same time, in the Today News, People's Daily WeChat and Internet editions, all the public welfare activities for studying and inspecting the western Sun Moon Gap National Forest Park were done After the first report, the response was very good. The exercises and propaganda of our clap fitness dance have also been reported by relevant parties.

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The fourth red memory of the martyrs journey, our group members cried when they saw Yan'an and Xibaipo, and felt that it is not easy for our country to come to today. We can now travel in such an environment. It is the country that gives us Created good conditions and sincerely thank the country. How hard our country has come this way, we should be content with everything today. Knowing grace and giving grace is the purpose of organizing our red tour.

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Xibaipo's goal of establishing the country has been achieved. How to go the next way, two must be. This is a magic weapon for future generations to continue to make progress. We cannot be proud. We cannot stand still. We cannot stand still on what we have achieved. We must always remain humble and cautious and keep moving!

Through the speeches you just made, I sincerely feel that we have achieved improvements and breakthroughs in many aspects. Everyone is talking in heart. Through your speeches, we have completed the original intention of organizing this study tour, which is that everyone can travel for thousands of miles. On the way, what I saw and heard found a gap with myself, inspired my own state of mind, and clarified my life goals. Everyone has helped each other, supported each other, and heeded instructions. A team like ours has created a miracle in today's travel, which is something we cherish.

After the conclusion of the meeting, Chairman Liu Shanglin issued a travel album, a commemorative certificate and an award certificate for everyone.


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Sun, moon and spring flowers are full of mountains.

Day and night tour, thousands and thousands of affectionate ancestors,

No time for the king to take, no matter how happy life is,

Friends go hand in hand, and the rhinoceros follows Yunshu.

Look forward to seeing you again in Damei Riyuexia!

Photography: Zhao Tianyu

Edit: Translated by Zhang Fang

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