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Luo Xuefeng, director of the Sanmenxia Forestry Bureau, supervised the conservation of the white swan habitat in the Yellow River Wetland

Media: Original Author: Sanmenxia Wetland Management Office
2019/12/27 15:01:59 Professional number: Sanmenxia Wetland Management Office2019 / 12/27 15:01:59
On December 25, Luo Xuefeng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Sanmenxia Forestry Bureau, experienced cold winds, fog and haze, and went deep into the Yellow River Wetland National Nature Reserve's urban-rural integration demonstration zone to supervise the white swan habitat protection work. Li Yan, deputy investigator of the Municipal Forestry Bureau, director of the police station directly under the Municipal Forestry Public Security Bureau, An Ansheng, head of the Yellow River Wetland Management Office, and other relevant personnel accompanied the supervision.

Regardless of the rugged and patrolling roads, Luo Xuefeng and his party insisted on walking to the Fengzuo Village Section, Beiying Village Section, Houdi Village Section, and Laocheng Village Section of the Yellow River Wetland Reserve to conduct on-site inspections to learn more about the white swan habitat environmental conditions and protection measures.

After hearing a brief report from Zhang Jianke, the secretary of the party committee of Dawang Town in the urban-rural integration demonstration area, on the town ’s wetland environmental improvement and the protection of wintering migratory birds such as white swans, Luo Xuefeng emphasized: In recent years, the Yellow River Wetland Management Office and the urban-rural integration demonstration area have increased their The ecological environment of the wetland reserve was improved, and the ecological environment of the wetland was significantly improved. There are four new winter habitats for white swans in 2019, and the number of overwintering accounts for more than half of the number of wintering white swans in the Yellow River Wetlands of our city; black storks, giant salamanders and other national first-level protected birds are constantly emerging, and wild ducks and other large populations of wild birds are gathering . This is not only an affirmation of our protection work, but also puts forward higher requirements for protection work.

Luo Xuefeng pointed out: It is necessary to establish a sound management and protection responsibility system, quickly increase the number of patrol personnel, and scientifically formulate patrol routes; it is necessary to improve the remote monitoring system of the Yellow River wetland and strengthen the epidemic prevention and control system; Prevent motor vehicles from disturbing white swans; increase publicity efforts, increase the awareness of white swans waiting for bird protection in surrounding villages and towns, and create a good habitat for white migratory birds and other wild migratory birds to safely winter in our city; Diversity research provides new samples.
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