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Hebei: In-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization to strengthen the ecological protection of Saihanba mechanical forest farm and surrounding areas

Media: Hebei Daily Author: Wang outcome
2019/12/31 12:00:27 Professional number: Sun Moon Gorge Information 2019/12/31 12:00:27

Xu Qin hosted the executive meeting of the provincial government

Thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization and strengthen the ecological protection of Saihanba mechanical forest farm and its surroundings

On December 29, Governor Xu Qin presided over an executive meeting of the provincial government to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization, comprehensively implemented the important directive spirit of General Secretary Jinping's work in Hebei, and researched on "Implementation Opinions on Protection" and "Implementation Opinions on Further Strengthening Soil Pollution Control in the Province" and other documents.

The meeting pointed out that relevant provincial departments and Chengde City should thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization, always keep in mind and fully understand the important directive spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the construction of Saihanba Forestry Farm, and practice the concept of green mountains and green mountains as Jinshan Yinshan, and promote The spirit of Saihanba, implement the "Master Plan for the National Nature Reserve of Saihanba in Hebei (2019-2028)", and strengthen the ecological construction and environment of the Saihanba mechanical forest farm and surrounding areas in accordance with the requirements of the provincial party committee and provincial government and Secretary Wang Dongfeng. Protection and intensive use of resources to ensure regional ecological security. It is necessary to take the overall situation of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, based on the positioning of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei water conservation function zone in Chengde, coordinate the construction of the Chengde National Sustainable Development Agenda Innovation Demonstration Zone, and increase ecological space management, aquatic environmental protection, and rural residential environment improvement. Make efforts to actively explore experience, highlight the role of demonstration, and strive to build a "Beautiful China" Saihanba model. It is necessary to further improve implementation opinions, set goals scientifically, clarify key tasks, refine the division of responsibilities, ensure that ecological protection measures are operable and effective, and create an ecological civilization and green development demonstration area with stronger ecological security barriers and harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

The meeting pointed out that strengthening the prevention and control of soil pollution has a bearing on the healthy life of the broad masses of the people and on sustainable economic and social development. All localities and departments must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on soil pollution prevention and control, conscientiously implement the Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law, adhere to the people-oriented principle, highlight problem orientation, and innovate ways and methods to continuously improve the quality of the soil environment and promote the benign ecosystems. cycle. Focus on key tasks, strengthen soil foundation surveys, safe use of agricultural land, construction land risk management and control, groundwater pollution prevention, source control and management capacity building in key areas, and promote soil pollution prevention work in accordance with law, science, standardization, and efficiency. We must pay attention to the connection between the top and bottom of the country, compare the national "10 soils" and the provincial "50 soils" and combine the difficulties in soil pollution control in our province to scientifically determine the direction and task of soil pollution control next year. It is necessary to consolidate the responsibilities of all parties, insist on territorial responsibility and departmental responsibility, increase soil environmental law enforcement, strictly target assessment and accountability, and form a strong joint force to fight soil pollution control.

The meeting also studied matters such as the 2020 legislative work plan of the Hebei Provincial People's Government, the implementation measures of Hebei Province's minimum wage adjustment, and the Hebei Provincial Government's investment management measures. (Reporter Wang Achievement)

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