Forest grass net group user's guidance
"Industry Masters Program" Signs Industrial Photographers

Purpose: Publicize forestry, publicize enterprises, and show the beauty and excellence of forestry enterprises to the public.

Requirement: Understand the forest and grass industry, and take forestry enterprises as the object of photography.

Obligation: Set up a category of "forest and grass industry" in the personal collection, and publish at least one original work with the theme of forestry enterprises every month. Note: It is recommended to set up two categories of "Record Photography" and "Art Photography" at the same time. You can also freely set categories according to your own photography room layout plan.
Those who fail to perform their obligations for three consecutive months are disqualified.

Rights: Become an industrial photographer for free, get a certificate and five rights.
1. Get invited to participate in major national forest, grass and grassland industry events.
Note: You can ask for leave from this unit by invitation letter.
2. Priority is given to indicators for board-free transportation to participate in major industry events.
3. Regularly recommend to the demand side of photography works or photography services.
4. Included in the "Forestry and Grassland Photography Showcase", promoting all works on five platforms.

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