Forest grass net group user's guidance
Industry Youth History Program

Purpose: To penetrate the masses, discover good practices and good practices at the grass-roots level, and form a "big hero of forestry and grassland" emergence mechanism.

Purpose: Publicize the grassroots, the masses, and reflect the achievements of the entire industry in the development of ecological civilization through the advanced deeds of front-line workers.

Background: According to the strategic deployment of "Digital China", the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau issued a call to build a digital industry. The "Digital Wax Museum" is part of a big data strategy.

Set up: Forestry and grassland bureau management agencies (province, prefecture, county) and enterprises and institutions, register an account on any website of the forestry network group, appoint an information officer, apply to become a senior member and get authorization to publish personal reports.
People reporting requirements:
1. Management agencies may report advanced figures in the region. Enterprises and institutions only report advanced figures in their own units.
2. The content of the report shall be true and credible, and shall not be exaggerated or fictional.
3. Fragmentable reports, a picture, a text can become a report. Encourage multi-angle reporting, follow-up reports for a long time, and shape people with massive data.

Condition: The unit account publishes at least one piece of work that promotes the unit each month, and you can apply to become a member of the "Industry Youth History Program".

Rights: Set up a list of people for free and get three rights.
1. Provide data support for the application of policy funds.
2. Included in the brand unit list, shaping the unit image on multiple platforms.
3. Get the opportunity to participate in the selection of advanced people organized by the National Forestry and Grassland Publicity Center.

Extending rights: Units that establish character lists can introduce their creative talents to the industry, including photographers, writers, columnists, etc., display their work, and promote unit culture.

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