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China Green Carbon Sink Foundation
China's first foundation established in 2010 to tackle climate change
Observer Organization of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Member Units of the World Conservation Union (IUCN)
National Advanced Social Organization, 4A Level Foundation

Carbon Sink Data Center

Build a "digital carbon sink" to achieve data connectivity and expand the boundaries of carbon sinks; build a "all-media carbon sink" to achieve media convergence and tell the story of carbon sinks.

Carbon sink official website data

Organizational structure and data management

Carbon sink official website cluster

Organizational Structure • Special Fund

  • 1.Shanxi Carbon Sink Fund
  • 2.Zhejiang Carbon Sink Fund
  • 3. Beijing Carbon Sink Fund
  • 4.Wenzhou Carbon Sink Fund
  • 5. Daxinganling Carbon Sink Fund
  • 6.Guangdong Carbon Sink Fund
  • 7.Save the China Tiger Fund
  • 8.Heilongjiang Carbon Sink Fund
  • 9.Lao Niu Ecological Restoration and Protection Fund
  • 10.Heihe Carbon Sink Fund
  • 11. Lingshui Carbon Sink Fund
  • 12. China Forestry Information Technology Fund
  • 13. Hainan Carbon Sink Fund
  • 14. Lin'an Carbon Sink Fund
  • 15. Post-earthquake ecological restoration fund
  • 16.Chengmai Carbon Sink Fund
  • 17. Xinhua charity carbon sink fund
  • 18.China Low-Carbon Tourism Fund
  • 19. Yongan Carbon Sink Fund
  • 20.Qiubei Carbon Sink Fund
  • 21.Mother Earth Fund
  • 22.Little Guardian Fund

Organizational structure

Carbon sink organization boundary

Carbon sink mobile desktop essential


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China Green Carbon Sink Foundation has entered the "2014 China Green Carbon Sink Foundation's Charitable Donation Eligibility before Tax" jointly confirmed by the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation and Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Voluntary purchase of carbon sinks by individuals is a public welfare act that participates in carbon compensation and eliminates the carbon footprint, thereby contributing to combating climate change. After successful online payment by the public, an electronic purchase voucher issued by the China Green Carbon Sink Foundation can be obtained and can be checked on the official website of the foundation.

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army head

Du Yongsheng
  • Du Yongsheng
  • Character report: Du Yongsheng
  • Chairman of China Green Carbon Sink Foundation
Liu Jiashun
  • Liu Jiashun
  • People report: Liu Jiashun
  • Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Green Carbon Sink Foundation

Introduction to Nonprofit Data Center

In accordance with the requirements of the State Council's “Political and Enterprise Interconnection”, the data center manages the strategic data of non-profit organizations and shares it with government platforms at all levels. 1. The database , which stores all the public information of the unit on the government website, and the government endorses the public welfare story; 2. The character list , the unit's honor list is hung on the government window to encourage employees to be advanced; 3. The picture gallery , which uses government exhibition The museum displays unit photos to enhance the unit's cultural standards. More >>