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Shajiabang Data Center

Build "digital Shajiabang" to realize data connection and expand the borders of Shajiabang; build "full media Shajiabang" to realize media integration and tell Shajiabang stories well.

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1. After confirming the mobile browser, please check the operation guide .

2. Click the three dots on the top right, select "Open in browser", and follow the guide to add the Piyun Mountain Villa App to your phone's desktop.

Enterprise Data Center Introduction

The Shajiabang Data Center consists of two parts, the "Digital Platform" and the "Finance Media Platform". Its mission is to manage territorial operations through the management of strategic data. Its role is to enhance organizational capabilities through "connection" and promotion capabilities through "communication." The first goal is to "digital Shajiabang" to expand the boundaries of Shajiabang, and the second is "total Shajiabang" to tell the story of Shajiabang. More >>