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Forest grass seedling net

Forest Grass Seedling Data Center

Build "digital forest and grass seedlings" to realize data connection and expand the boundaries of forest and grass seedlings; build "all-media forest and grass seedlings" to achieve media integration and tell the story of forest and grass seedlings.

Forest grass seedling story

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Organizational structure and data management

  • National Forestry and Grass Bureau Forest Farm Seedling Division
  • Seedling Industry Division
  • Seed Law Enforcement Office
  • Seedling Engineering Office

Forest grass seedling official website cluster

Industry Directory • Management Agencies

Industry Directory

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    1. After confirming the mobile browser, please check the operation guide .

    2. Click the three dots on the top right, select "Open in browser", and follow the guide to add the Forest Grass Seedling App to your phone desktop.



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    Government Data Center Introduction

    In accordance with the State Council ’s “level-by-level sharing” digital China construction requirements, the data center manages the government ’s strategic data and shares it with the higher-level government platform. 1. Database , store each propaganda article in the database of the higher government, and report the results and highlights in a timely manner; 2. List of people , hang the honor list of the unit in the window of the higher government to encourage employees to be advanced; The government exhibition hall displays unit photos to enhance the unit's cultural standards. More >>